Who the hell cares | Reviewer: Furfig Newgen | 4/2/13

Go get a life and find something better to do.

No, it's about clitoral stimulation... | Reviewer: john lennon | 8/10/11

Linda had schooled Paul in the importance of rolling her bean, i.e., stimulating her clitoris with his tongue or finger during intercourse. He was merely paying tribute to this critical aspect of their wonderful relationship.

You're both right in a way | Reviewer: Marcelo Villanueva | 7/13/11

It seems like a jab at both lennon and harrison with the production and lyric parodying each of them respectively. The vocalization is so dead-on that it's hard NOT to think that he was trying to sound like John. Let Me Roll It To You is not a common lyric and seems like it isn't much of a coincidence either. I think that Harrison was taking a jab at Lennon/McCartney when he wrote Wah-Wah as well. It isn't some evil plan, it's just exchanges between them. Of the three, McCartney received the least critical acclaim and maybe this song was his way of illustrating how simple and easy to emulate the others more critically acclaimed styles were.

What the song is about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/11

No. The song is about drugs, marijuana, as he later expresses. He said the echo effect was to add to the drug-like feel. He admits that it sounded of lennons style but said he was unaware at the time. 'Let me roll it to you' i believe was a harrison song. I can see the influences but it was not a response or attack to lennon.

Lennon parody | Reviewer: andrew fleming | 11/21/10

Let me Roll it forms part of the on-vinyl feud between John and Paul and is a parody of the early Plastic Ono sound of Lennon. In it McCartney uses lennon-esque delay/reverb and mimics Lennon's voice, even down to a mocking 'primal scream' on the outro. It is a great song for all that, and it is a shame the notorious revisionist McCartney sought to white-wash the song's anti-john intent in his recent interview with dermot O'Leary.. seems it suits him thesedays to re-associate himself with the more-revered Lennon.