LANZONI | Reviewer: francisco lanzoni | 3/12/12

ENGLISH GARDEN is a very sweet song that reminds you something like FOR NO ONE of THE BEATLES but with a happier msg.
I am a guitar player and a singer and now I am including it into my own repertoire.
5 stars!!!

awesome | Reviewer: bookworm | 3/1/10

I heard this song yesterday on PBS and couldn't get it out of my head. I kept using the word peradventure in as many of sentences as possible. :) It sounds a really nice. It has a light, peaceful, happy kind of tune. I love the Beatles.

Great song | Reviewer: The Beatles Fan | 2/20/07

I saw Paul play this in MSG last fall and it was AMAZING!

moving | Reviewer: willem | 12/18/05

This song has all what I think of English poshy rural life in it emotions and facts...paraventure

Masterpiece | Reviewer: Lex | 11/29/05

This is such a fun and light hearted song. It makes me smile to hear it. The orchestral melody in the background and the whimsical flute and popping piano make the listner feel a child like happiess. I can almost see the flowers and taste the cakes and tea. Its beautiful!