Wanna go back | Reviewer: Larry Harper | 6/11/11

Music will never be the same as the sixties sadly. The airplane was the sixties in so many ways . As for Paul, he was the quintessential Hippy leader of a band I'd always wanted to be. Thanks for the musiPr

Sandy, Rand & Paul | Reviewer: Sandy Case-Jordan | 7/23/10

Paul's biography seems to be chronicled well, and informative, making me privy to some of his history I'd not been aware of.

I believe it was 1963 when I was in a trio with Paul in San Jose, called 'Sandy, Rand & Paul.' We sang at coffee houses in and around San Jose, Santa Clara, and Palo Alto. We all watched the Beatles' infamous introduction to America on the 'Ed Sullivan Show' together in Paul & Ginger's front room. I have chuckled many times when recalling how the "guys" thought Ginger and I were a bit "off" when we joined the groupies' admiration for the Beatles. Jorma Kaukonen (we called him 'Jerry') was one our friends, and we all witnessed the unveiling of 'Embryonic Journey' as an acoustic presentation at a local coffee house. We couldn't believe his fingers could reach that far! - to form one chord! I still have a reel-to-reel of that evening's original performance.

Ginger, at the time, was Paul's girlfriend, and we all moved to Venice together to pursue our love of music; spending time at the Troubadour and other music venues in LA, as well as many days on the beach rehearsing, creating and smoking. David Crosby lived with us then, before 'the Birds' came to be. At that time, all the musicians around enjoyed camaraderie, regardless of their notoriety. They came and went regularly through our midst. In the end, I realized that the life style was not comfortable enough for me, as I was just too timid, and still chained to a pretty traditional, over-responsible image of who I was "supposed to be." And so I left L.A. and went back home.

In looking for a way to contact Paul, I've come across this website. I am hoping Paul will help me authenticate the Gibson guitar (vintage circa 1920) I bought from him in San Jose. It must have been one of the first (possibly the first) guitar he ever owned. I tried to donate it to an Airplane/Starship? museum I'd heard of years ago that was in England. But I could never get an answer back from the Grunt studio in San Francisco. Now, I would like to sell it. I am sure I would need some sort of authentication of origin to show, which I am hoping Paul will supply for me. If someone can otherwise help me connect with Paul, please email me.

Thanks a lot, Sandy