Profound / Underappreciated | Reviewer: Benjamin G. Wolfe | 2/12/2008

The first time I heard the sound of Paul Carrack with 'ACE' "How Long" it was smooth and very cool. The timing and Rhythm was perfect.
A classic albeit the track was new then. I love the piece because 30 + years later it's timeless.
He seems to be able to move with a group or 'solo' as he pleases, showing limitless and seamless talents. When it was the winter of 1985' living in Portland Oregon, I heard MIke & The Mechanics for the first time and with
'Silent Running' my blood ran colder, from the very first eerie bars of that song. Unforgettable. I stood there downtown just creating and seeing a video unfold in my mind.
I realize that the music in my life that has moved me to dream, relax, get excited or cry is a power that God along gives an artist. It is beauty and brilliance woven together. The albums following 'Word Of Mouth' and The Carrack Collection have not lost an inch of the original thoughts and feelings that moved me then, it is still totally satisfying for me as an artist (not a musical artist, however) and a writer.

He has a sound that commands respect and is distinctive in recognition.
Paul, will always be Paul and for me that's it, that's all.
(*****) A five star career.

By the way if anyone knows or sees it, please tell me where I can purchase (not 'download') the Paul Carrack Collection.(1994)
>>Sincerely and thanks Benjamin Wolfe ( U.S.A.)