Patti Loveless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/13

I enjoyed reading Patty Loveless bio. I have only recently really paid attention to her. I watched her and Vince Gill's performance at George Jones's memorial. I enjoyed her so much and liked how she helped Vince finish his performance. She was great. It was hard for Vince...he became so emotional. I saw him perform live here where I come from and he played the whole show without a break. He is quite the guy!! I am a fan of both now.

I LOVE PATTY LOVELESS!!!! | Reviewer: Phillip Disher | 1/20/12

Hi Patty, I seen you at the Alabama Theatre last year and you were awesome. I think me and my friend were the jyoungest one's there. There were so many bald heads, lol!!! You sang your ass off. I have watched you from the time I was a little boy. It's wierd to watch your idol mature. I remember the young Patty, and then the post MCA years patty, and then the "Lonley Too Long Patty", then the curly blonde Patty but I love the new mature Patty. You came out and reminded me of what Dottie West would have looked liked, "Lord rest her soul". YOu had on your boots, tights pants and your hair was sooooooo beautiful. And you sounded like you do on the record. YOu know what, you know that you are great and your a diva, a country diva. I love you sooo much and all my friends that I introduce your music to, weather they be head bangers or emo freaks fall for you too. I love you and I hope that some day I can meet you. Oh by the way, why don't you let your management team schedule meet and greets with you. I called and they said no, even for money. I would PAY dearly!!!

My Stan and I both loved Patty's music from the first time we heard her sing | Reviewer: Wilma L Curtis | 1/9/12

As a 78 yr old widow of a little over 4 years, I can vividly remember when my Stan and I first heard Patty sing on TV. I grew up in CO but always loved country music. My kids called it "Momma's stomping music." Stan was born in north GA but grew up in East TN. The first thing he said when Patty starting singing was, "She will go far, and no gal could ever sing better!" I agreed then and still do.

Inspiration | Reviewer: Paul Herr | 8/18/10

I've always enjoyed your music and your performances. With lovely heart stealing eyes like yours, sing what you want. Thank you for all you have done to make music a wonderful part of my life. Paul Herr

Fortune Bay | Reviewer: Morgan | 5/26/10

You must not be familiar with Patty's catalog, otherwise you would have recognized a lot of the stuff she did do. Her set list was as follows:

The Nights to Long
Nothin but the Wheel
On Down the Line
You Don't Seem to Miss Me
Lovin All Night
Crazy Arms
Why Baby Why
Bramble and the Rose
The Boys are Back in Town
Here I Am
Halfway Down
The Trouble with the Truth
Blame it on your Heart
You Dont Even Know Who I Am

15 songs, and 10 of them were top 20 hits for her. The last 5 in a ROW were all hits. And you're still complaining. I guess artists can't please everyone, but if you're upset that only 10 of 15 songs were hits, perhaps you should reconsider attending concerts. They ARE there to also market their new material.

Just letting you know. You were so disappointed, yet more than half of her show were hits.

I saw you at the Fortune Bay Concert | Reviewer: Darlene Majkich | 4/18/10

I saw you at the Fortune Bay Concert in Tower Minnesota on April 16,2010. I was so excited to go...and then I was so let down. You have some great songs and barely played any of them. You made a comment at the show that we were some of the quietest polite people. Well thats because we were sleeping...slow songs do nothing to pump the people played one slow song after another. You need to play your hits..that is why we go to see you. I'm sure it gets boring to play the same songs over...But you need to play a big song at least every other one. In my opinion I wasted $80.00. I dont gamble so you were the only reason I went there...disapointing to say the least.

patt | Reviewer: bryan yousey | 11/5/09

hi there patty how are you doing this is bryan yousey i am a big fan of yours why did you sing that song dont toss away i love that song and another song i love is i'am holding on to nothing but the wheel i think that song is sad to please email me at thank you for your time patty