The Best Ever | Reviewer: WT III | 9/16/14

Patsy Cline is a once in a lifetime talent. I truly love her and that incredible voice. I'm like Jimmy Buffet, I hang on every word. Just think how wonderful it is that across time and space she can still bring you to tears...and make you love her for it!

Patsy the most beautiful voice | Reviewer: Jennifer | 9/1/13

I am a fan of Patsy and saw Loretta Lynn in concert. What a beautiful tribute Loretta sang in Patsy's honor. May you rest in peace sweet Patsy and hope to know so many people love your music....

Love from Texas

i love patsy shes the best singer ever | Reviewer: tammy | 7/20/12

I love patsy. I sing her songs all the time, my family call me little patsy lol.I only wish she was here. now she is singing for all the angels in heaven .patsy will never been forgotten ever I love u patsy cline

She had the voice of an angel | Reviewer: Patsy's #1 fan | 6/30/12

Patsy was taken from us at the zenith of her career on that march day in 1963.. When you listen to her recordings now they still sound present. Thank you patsy for bein the best damnedest singer that ever walked the earth... Wherever you are honey I hope u have a helluva crowd... We love you patsy....

Patsy, we love you. | Reviewer: lulu | 5/2/12

Patsy Cline is an all time favorite. The only female singer to even come close to Patsy is Anne Murray. I do not like very many female singers, but these two are THE VERY BEST!! I could listen to Patsy all the time. Patsy, you will never be forgotten.

All about Patsy Cline | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/12

I grew up listening to Patsy Cline, Every Saturday morning my Dad would go in to his bar & put on a stack of Patsy Cline records On his Hi- Fi stero record player, I guess he would get drunk on Patsy Cline. I was a pre-teen at the time but I liked her too!What a terrible event when she lost her life at such an early age.I would like to tell you of another singer that in some way reflects Patsy Cline's life you might say that lighting stuck twice. That singer was "Selena" Both Patsy & Selena came up from humble beginings they gained there fame thru hard work thats why they are both so Loved by us the public.Here are some strange things you may not know about these two super star singers? Selena was 23 years old at the time of her death, Patsy was born in 1932>"32 reversed is 23,Selena lost her life 32 years after Patsy lost hers.Both were working on cross-over albums at the time of there deaths. Patsy was crossing over from country music to Pop music,Selena was crossing over from Spanish music to Pop, neither one lived to see there albums from there cross-overs Both were instant hits and not because they were dead It was music that we all Loved and still do. Selena crossed Patsy Cline, her Dad recorded Selena at a young age singing "Sweet Dream,s".Both had a large following of adoring fans. Both Patsy & Selena wore that deep red lipstick that was almost there trade mark.Both lost there lives in terrible ways Patsy in a horific plane crash, & Selena shot in the back Both had movies made about there lives Patsy Cline "Sweet Dreams" with Jessica Lange,Selena "Selena" with Jennefer Lopez > did you notice there initials in both are "J L" Any way I wanted to share my findings with all of you I know I miss both these Super stars but there music remains with us forever, Thanks Patsy,Thanks Selena.

Patsy will live forever in our hearts | Reviewer: Soo Z Q | 3/7/12

I was never a country music lover but once I heard Patsy, well, she's the best. There is no present day singer that can even come close to the talent of Patsy Cline.
A talent like Patsy should have never been taken from us at such an early age.
R.I.P Patsy
We all love you.

ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS | Reviewer: Scarlett | 1/9/12

Patsy was the greatest singer ever. There will NEVER be another singer so loved and so missed.
RIP Patsy. I will see you in heaven with our LORD JESUS CHRIST..............................

To remember the better times... | Reviewer: Julie | 9/9/11

I actual woke up in the middle of the night with my 7 yr old daughter and I was going thru the channels. When we find there playing the movie "Sweet Dreams" so we start watching it and my daughter starts tearing up and so do I cause my mother and grandmother have both Past away in the recent 2 years. She recalled when she was younger that she would hear them singing to All of Patsy's song. For myself I still have my days I'll listen to the better country and it tAkes me back to my childhood memories like it has done for my children. For 4 generations Patsy Cline has brought us memories that will truly last a lifetime.

The only compliment I ever got from my father | Reviewer: Andraste | 8/22/11

I always watched sweet dreams & coal miner's daughter with my late father..
And the only compliment that I ever got from him was " you sound like Patsy Cline ! "
Beacuase I use dto sing along with Patsy when I would be watching The afore mentioned Movie
RIP Patsy... You've always been a great influence with my singing voice

Always Patsy Cline | Reviewer: Susan Johnson | 7/8/11

Tonight we went to see Mandy Barnett at the Ryman in Nashville in Always Patsy Cline! It was great. My daughter is 28 and has always loved her songs. The show tonight was awesome! If you get a chance go see Mandy Barnett as Patsy Cline. I would like to know where her kids are now.

Patsy Cline | Reviewer: Candi Webster | 3/30/11

Patsy Cline is my all time favorite. I grew up listening to her and Loretta Lynn. My mom use to do kareokee with my stepdad, and when I would go with them, I would sing all of her songs. She had such a powerful and beautiful voice. My favorite song is "Shes Got You." If Patsy had have lived, she would have amazed all of us. I think it was tragic but wonderful how she got her voice, she was amazing and I wish she was still here with us all. I know she is singing for God, and waiting on her friend to come join her. Love you Patsy and may God Bless you and your family.:)

Only the best | Reviewer: Veronica | 3/1/11

I grew up with Patsy. My mother always sang Patsy Cline songs. I am a karaoke lover and I think I sang almost every song she ever did. I always loved Patsy. It was a surprise to me to find out after my mother's death, that Patsy was exactly 4 years to the day older than my mother. I wish my mother could have known that. My mother sounded almost just like her when she sang. In memory of both of them. I love you both. You shaped my life very well. It has made me happy and I will always remember you both. My children know all of Patsy's music even though it is two generations. Patsy will never be forgotten.

patsy cline's voice gives me goose bumps | Reviewer: c.j.payne | 2/16/11

I have been a fan of patsy cline for many years.Some people would be surprised to know that I even to country music. I love a number of country singers such as Loretta Lynn,Conway Twitty,Tammy Wynette,Roy Clark just to name a few.But,Patsy Cline is my all time favorite. And I am a black woman. Luv-U-Always.

A True Shining Star | Reviewer: Misty S | 2/2/11

I listen to Patsy's music all the time, and have watched all of her movies and auto biographies, and she was such a good and beautiful person inside and out. She was just a down to earth old country gal just like myself and a true shining star with every sense of the word. You have all the "what if's" in your mind, and what if she didnt get on that plane, she would have no doubt accomplished so much. I get teary eyed when I think of how her life was cut so short for her family, fans and children. I pray and hope she is at peace and singing for god in heaven and doing his good works, R.I.P Patsy, u were loved and still are by so many