Great American Country Singer | Reviewer: Adrena Clemmer | 11/8/08

We attended the Sixth Street Playhouse's presentation of "Always...Patsy Cline" remarkedly done by two local stars of Sonoma County, CA. What a great performance. The band was outstanding too. We are proud of our theater's works. Patsy Cline came alive last night.

Patsy Cline | Reviewer: Marta Hermann | 4/16/08

Patsy Cline had an amazing voice. People still admire her a lot. At my high school, if you talk about the Beatles, the Beach Boys, ABBA, or the Andrews Sisters, the students all say "The who? What are you talking about?" But if you say Patsy Cline, most people know exactly who your talking about. My family came to America from Germany several years ago, and although I speak English fine and listen to older American or English music, my parents speak just enough English to get along. I am proud to say that Patsy Cline is the only American music my parents listen to, and all five of us (I have a twin sister and a little brother) love her songs, her voice, and her uniq style. (I misspelled uniq, didn't I?)

Patsy Lives on | Reviewer: Tom Winters | 1/16/08

I feel Patsy used her God given talent the way most of us singers only try to.God takes care of his best, Pasty is and always will be alive in our hearts ,and in heaven, singing to God and us.Why ,,,because she is an angel

The rest | Reviewer: Dr. C. Harlan Smith | 12/2/07

To the dear child who asked for the rest of the story. In old folks language this is called a cliff hanger. You see the answer is "the plane never made it" it crashed taking Patsy,s life. A very tragic way to die. You see I know,I am a trauma specialist. I get to see them in the emergency room. She was a fantastic entertainer.

looking for family | Reviewer: Brian Chancey | 7/19/07

I was doing some family research and was trying to find out where Patsy was born ??? I have a picture of patsy in her older years !!!
Please , help me find the link !!! Loretta Lynn
could help me possibly... If she would contact me it would be highly appreciated !!!

If You Only Knew ! | Reviewer: Shirlye Helen Bachhuber | 7/18/07

I am one of the closetst vocales to Patsy Cline and it has been said that Patsy Cline's spirit lives in my soul. If I could only tell her how much she is still loved yet today 2007.
I know... I get all of her love. I have been hugged and squeezed to death, kissed on the hand and kised on the neck. I have been told they love me but, they mean Patsy Cline but, I don't care. It is because of Patsy Cline singing Crazy that I received a standing ovation in a karaoke bar in Salt Lack City, UT New Years Eve 3 years ago. A young man cried on my shoulder saying I reminded him of his father who loved Patsy Cline so much the family dog was named Patsy. My other famous moment came when I sang Crazy for Walt Disney III at the Smoke House in Green Bay WI.

If I could only tell you to what degree that people still love her, I would tell you.
All I know is that I receive all her love that she should have.

Sincerely Yours,
Shirlye Helen Bachhuber

I have a hard name to pronounce--Bach is the way Bach the great composer of music spells his name and when there are two vowels or consents in a row that is wher hou memtally divide the word and pronounce both h's. Pronounced Bach huber or Bachhuber.

What happend to the rest? | Reviewer: Olivia Knowles | 6/15/07

Okay I am 13 years old, and i was doing an extra credit report on Patsy Cline. To my Patsy has a ballsy vioce, it is great to hear a woman sing that is not screaming. Anywho what happend to the last part of the biography, it was going great and then all of a sudden it ended with the time Patsy's plane left....wheres the rest>?

all her songs | Reviewer: henry doyle | 5/15/07

I always love your songs and i will keep your memeory alive by your music.

My daughter is only 11 years old loves the way patsy sing and when she sat and watched the coal miner daughter she cried along with sadness of the loss of great lady on country music in history.

patsy cline | Reviewer: joan | 3/6/07

i always loved the way patsy sang i imitated her for years and sang her songs every where i sang
what a loss
but she will never be forgotten
she is imortal now
i like the site with all the great singers on it
i always wanted to be famous and sing with the best but life didn't fit to take me that way
i will regret that the sest of my life !!

sweet dreams, crazy | Reviewer: Duberly Serrano | 7/13/05

I am a English teahcer in my country I would like to teach my student songs of Patsy Cline Duberly