Memories | Reviewer: margie | 1/20/11

I was just a small child when patsy was alive. I can remember my daddy whistleing to her songs on the radio. My personal favorite is CRAZY. My dad has been gone for 9 years but I can still hear him whistle to crazy when it comes on the radio! I own the movie Sweet Dreams and never get tired of watching it and singing with patsy!
R.I.P. Patsy

She is the best! | Reviewer: Alexandr | 1/14/11

I very much like songs Patsy Cline, her strong voice fascinates from the first couplet of a song,
I enjoy her manner to sing, hearing her singing I feel excellent mood, in her voice there is light and notes of romantic nature, wonderful singer, we love you, you are the best!
I from Russia, me 33 years old and I great admirer Patsy Cline!

Ring Tones | Reviewer: Emily | 1/8/11

My daughter bought me a new cell phone for Christmas! The ring tone is Patsy Cline, Walking After Midnight! The 1st time I heard it I teard-up! I have two of her CD
s in the car and one in the house, I just love her voice! I don't know why she got in that plane! She should have gone with Dottie West in her car, they were only 90 miles from home! The weather was bad and the car was safer!

Patsy Cline-Most wonderful person in the world | Reviewer: Kasey Strickland | 12/4/10

Patsy Cline is my idol and i know all the words to Walking A fter Midnight,back in Babies Arms,and I fall to Peices....I am 14 years old and to this day i am amazed how she became famous....someday i wish i can becme famous so i can she how she felt and i wish Patsy was still here with us.She would have came out with new songs and i would have learned all the words to those too....i love all her music..all her fans might think its kind of weird but,i kno she hasn;t left earth as most of us think but im sencitive to spirits and can hear them,talk to them,and they talk mother can read people and can tell their ora's....please dont think im a crazy person but i can tell you now she has not left the earth....well hopefully my children will know who she is and what she sang.well i love all her fans in a frendly way and have a nice wouderful you all.

Patsy with a beautiful voice. | Reviewer: G. Berry | 11/14/10

I have always adored Patsy Clines singing. One that really stuck with me is "Lifes Highway to Heaven. When I hear it, I feel a great love for that girl and her voice. God Bless her always.

G. Berry

In her Memory ... | Reviewer: Anecia Price | 7/26/10

"I Fall to Pieces" is my favorite song ! We have an "Ole Honky Tonk" here in TN and I used to go in there just to get to sing her songs. I do my singing in Church now, but I have all her albums and play them often. I never realized that she almost died as a child, but I knew about the car wreck. Its as if God let an Angel live just long enough to leave her mark on the world. I can only imagine what she would have accomplished if only she hadn't gotten in that plane. It really was the day that Country music, traditional country, died. So, even if this is never read, I send this out to her, in her memory, because I know that she is singing her heart out in Heaven !

Patsy Cline | Reviewer: Sarah Hensley Nelson | 7/13/10

Patsy was related to my family. She died before I was born but I have been told wonderful stories and grew up listening to her beautiful music. I just wish I had met her and that she had lived, she blew us away in her short time imagine what she could have done had she not been in that plane. My sister was named after Patsy(her real name)

patsy forever | Reviewer: filmer constantine | 4/17/10

i love patsy s unique voice and have done since i was around 12yrs of age i am now 70 and let me tell you my love for that beautiful voice has not changed such a shame she went so early but god needed her for special gigs up there

my grate grate aunt. | Reviewer: jasmine cline | 3/26/10

patsy cline is a my grate grate aunt an amazing woman i love her evthough i never met her i hope i live up to her standards.i want to sing just like her.i love to sing just like her i hope i get the chance to follow in her gratest dream is to make it in the big time to.i hope...♥☺♥

Patsy Cline | Reviewer: Alyssa | 3/18/10

I heard her song "walkin after midnight" for the first time after a bad break up when i was younger.. As soon as i heard it i started crying. Not because it reminded me of how much i missed my ex, but because of how much SHE missed someone. Her voice is so soulfull it brought me to tears

I heard of Patsy Cline before | Reviewer: Cheryl Locke | 12/17/09

I was 12 years old when I start hearing her for the first time ever. I have another story. I met a very talened lady who impersonated Patsy Cline and her was Penny Eckman. I saw her 3 times already and it just amazing how she sang all Patsy Cline's song that sings. I am 18 years old and I am a Patsy Cline's biggest fan of all time.

ruthie | Reviewer: ruthie king | 7/12/09

i looked this up cause patsy cline was my grandmoms favorite.its interesting to know that ive been to where shes from a million times and didnt even know.i grew up listening to patsy,she was one of a kind

Patsy is amazing! | Reviewer: Bailey | 6/12/09

I loved reading about her life. I have , for a long time now, been into the fifties and it's one of a kind music. I especially love Patsy Cline. My favorite singer above all. I am thirteen, and my nana told me stories about how a lot of the singers' lives were ended as a result of a plane crash. Is her story different or what? I want to know!

NICE! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/09

i ithink this is very goo dit gave me alot of information for my project..she was a intersting people although i really didnt care for her music because i dont like that kid im mopre of a rap person

a chance to say goodbye | Reviewer: Candy Stoner | 4/2/09

Patsy's singin' was one of the things that got me inspired to take on the dream that i have had since i was a little girl. and i feel that it would be nice if someday i could walk up to her grave and leave some flowers and pay the respect want to give her. it is something that i want to do before i die. i wish i knew where to go.