GET BETTER "pr", etc. PEOPLE TO MATCH YOUR TALENT! | Reviewer: Caterina | 3/3/08

Your talent, showmanship, sincerity is fantastic - top of the line...but....1st US tour was better than current one! Whoever reviewed your Taj Mahal contract should've been pitcher of water, etc...ridiculous! NO "OPENER" -not good, need to be promoted as THE STAR ATTRACTION..not just another great singer that comes on & carries the entire burden...get better promo people, more agressive agent, & manager! Also - I brought 8 people for this show since last years' were wonderful..I'm Italian, but their feedback: "too much Italian in one show" (although you read an audience better than anyone I ever "booked" as a former agent!)! You need to diversify your audience to "get ahead"...a better mix of English AND Italian (like 1st tour)....too much Italian & accordian (which my momma plays & I love!) arn't good to establish new fans. Enough - I feel so strongly about your talent - I'd sell my business to promote you! You are a very special talent and person - and have a fabulous career ahead in America no matter who you determine to take along with you. God Bless you and ...always remember your family back "home"!

Atlantic City concert 3/1/08 | Reviewer: Lucy H. | 3/3/08

What a show! Patrizio was absolutely wonderful. He has lots of charisma and a voice that is music to anyone's ears! I had the opportunity to walk up the aisle as he was coming down to sing to the audience, took his picture and then his eyes were looking in mine as he was singing "Forever Begins Tonight". I felt like teenager and was mesmerized. And boy, did I get a great picture of him too! He sang many songs which are on his 2 CD's as well as some new songs which will be on his 3rd CD, which is not finished yet and which I cannot wait to have. While in the middle of singing "Un Angelo", which he sang for his deceased father, he had to stop the band and stopped singing because he was too emotional and the song was too sad. He went onto to sing "L'Italiano" and was happy again. He sang, danced and even joked that he wanted to be an "Americano" when he was growing up and if he was to be American his name would be Pat Boone.... the audience was hysterical. He imitated a few American singers and his rendition of Elvis Presley was great! All I can say is Patrizio's voice is magnificent, he is unbelievably handsome with eyes so blue and he is extremely entertaining. I can't wait to see him again, which will be the third time when I go. I saw Patrizio the first time at the Keswick in PA and the second time in Atlantic City. I stumbled upon him while watching PBS and so glad I did.

DVD Johannesburg concert | Reviewer: Emily Nel | 2/18/08

I saw Patrizio at the Cape Town concert and he was FANTASTIC. Can't wait to see him again in Cape Town, I hope it is soon!!!
I would like to know if there is a DVD available of the concert held in Johannesburg. If there is, I would really be interested to obtain it, as I have all his CDs and DVDs.

GET BETTER PUBLIC RELATIONS PEOPLE! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

I found you by accident, rather my husband did, and he got me your CD and said "I know you like stuff like this"! Now have your second CD. I grew up in an Italian household- so I really love when you do the "old" classic Italian songs and the new ones as well! I also speak Spanish and you sound great in Spanish as well. YOUR PEOPLE SHOULD GET YOU ON PUBLIC TELEVISION AND GET YOU TO NEW YORK! YOU HAVE A MAGNIFICENT VOICE, YOU HAVE THE MOVES, THE SHOWMANSHIP, YOU ARE TALENTED AND YOU ARE GOOD LOOKING. GOD BLESS YOU AND LOTS OF LUCK YOU DESERVE IT. It is so refreshing to see some real talent, someone who can sing, who play his own instruments, who appreciates music and la doce vita. GET ON PUBLIC TELEVISION- COME TO THE TRI-STATE AREA NY NJ CT

La Italiano | Reviewer: Nancy Della Pia | 12/29/07

I Love, Love, Love You!! Please do a concert in the Philadelphia Area, I would Love To See it. Your Voice mesmerizes Me lol but Im also an Elvis fan, and read you did a tribute to him. Your voice goes right thru me, I Love You!! Nancy

HOTTY | Reviewer: Deja~Vu | 12/16/07

OMG....Patrizio is so hot. So perfect. When he came to sac. I couldn't stop staring into those dark eyes. And a few time, it seemed they were staring back at me. What would i give to be with this perfect mirage. OH i wish he kisses me hands. Every night i dream of him. Every night i fantasize him. I wish we can both fly away into the winds. ....

CONCERT IN PORT ELIZABETH | Reviewer: Kathy | 12/9/07

I first got to hear your voice when you sang, though too briefly, at the Unite of the Stars concert here in South Africa. You made such an impression that when you were scheduled to perform solo in PE, I was very keen to go. My husband on the other hand, had never heard of you and was literally dragged along to watch. However, after experiencing Patrizio live on stage, he too is converted and thinks you are an awesome entertainer for you offer your audience such diversity, for not only can you sing, but you dance and have a wonderful sense of humour. Patrizio you perform with such passion as your music comes straight from the heart - may your star quality continue to shine always.

fantastic | Reviewer: inge lee | 11/28/07

I went to your concert in Sydney and you were fantastic, Hope you come back soon, although I did hear a whisper that you were at the Melbourne cup! Keep up the good music and don't let anyone change you.

Kind regards,and lover of good music,
Inge lee.

Patizio Buanne Concert - Cape Town 28th Oct 2007 | Reviewer: Chantal W | 10/10/07

Patrizio Buanne,"Italiano verro".The man rocks,voice,style,attitude & the looks to crown it all. A true gentleman inside and out and the ladies luv him.His voice is amazing and cannot seem to get enough of his music. My 11yr old son plays the violin & he seems to think that he will one day play in one of Patrizio's concerts when he is older.My son & I are such fans and we hope to see him back in South Africa soon.One word of advice to the Italian star,he shouldn't wipe his perspiration on stage,I think his sweat is absolutely sensational.

Concert Cape Town ZA 28/09/2007 | Reviewer: Jenny | 10/4/07

Just want to say Patrizio Buanne is a extrordinaire singer and sings with passion,and want to say tanks to him for shearing it with us and to come to South Africa and want to say to him your AFRIKAANS SONG LIEFLING you sang that very well,you can pass as ELVIS PRESLEY YOU DID THE SONG WONDERFUL, keep it up and hope to have that song LIEFLING on a album of yours soon, and hope you enjoyed the stay in South Africa,we hope you will be back again keep up the good voice and excelent performance (GOOD LUCK)

The JHB SA Concert | Reviewer: Meanie Berrington | 10/1/07

"Idrove all night" No-I did not but i did fly to JHB all the way from East London to see this man with the awesome voice who took me back to my childhood. The songs my parents played on their record player from LP's at their house parties and on Sunday mornings while my mother prepared Sunday luch. It brought tears to my eyes. My beloved parents were not there. I promise myself i will move mountains to take them-God willing to the next concert in SA. This opportunity was a gift from my darling husband who did not even know of him or his music(now he does). At this moment my 13 year old twin daughters are glued to the tv watching the DVD i brought back.
The show was so awesome. I am a 100% Indian South African and grew up with the songs of Ge Korsten and when he sang "Liefling" - I cried again because he did that beautiful song justice not just for Ge but for my late granny who adored that song. I sang aloud and proud in Afrikaans. Now i promise myself and my parents that i will obtain a copy of that DVD from the Saturday night show in JHB.
I have a cousen living in Bergamor, Italy and she insisted that we see the show and I am so happy I nagged my husband to no end to send me to the concert. Besides being sexy, talented and beautiful - he brings back romance to its rightful place. Now to bring the romance to my white farmer South African husband -It wont be long dear Lord.....

The Italian - Wonderful, New, Refreshing, etc., etc. | Reviewer: Nancy S. | 8/23/07

I just happened upon Patrizio while browsing through I saw the cover of "The Italian" and I then read what was written about him. I recognized some of the songs (being Italian thru-and-thru :) )and thought, why not? I sent for the CD and what a pleasant surprise. This kid can sing! I loved listening to him sing in Italian. He has a rich, melodious voice and he puts so much into each song. His Italian folk songs are such fun. I would love to see him in concert. Patrizio has brought much happiness to me with his music and I thank him for that. Also, his version of "Only You" is to die for.

A Happy Fan,

Nancy S.

PATRIZIO BUANNE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/07

A singer extrordinaire... his records are wonderful, his concerts in Holland and Rome were elegant as he is... saw the concert in Chicago, he was wonderful as well, but unfortunately his managers are trying to change his appearance with his "racoon? jacket", his overpowering and similar opening act, and having sing more in English than in Italian....he doesn't need to imitate Presley and Tom Jones... Americans can listem and see them anytime... Let PATRIZIO BE PATRIZIO AND HE CAN'T HELP BE SUCCESSFUL....HE SHOULD BE MORE ON TV, THE TODAY AND THE TONIGHT SHOWS, AND LAS VEGAS....HE DESERVES A BIG BREAK AND MANAGERS WHO WILL PUSH HIM IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION....THOSE WHO HAVE LISTENED TO HIM AND OR SEEN HIM CAN'T FORGET HIM....WE WANT TO SEE MORE OF HIM....