Bergen PAC NJ 7-17-14 | Reviewer: Cindy | 7/23/14

I finally for the first time got to see Patrizio!! What a Show. Then was fortunate to meet him and take a picture with him. He is a beautiful Soul. His music, his personality and his looks! PERFECTION!! Can't wait to see him again! Just adore him. Don't miss this show if you have the chance to see it. You will not be disappointed!

One great showman | Reviewer: Rosemary l | 7/17/14

He reminded me of Sammy Davis jr. A great showman, could do everything and do it we'll. first time I have seen him and not the last. Husband loved him too.

Romance is no longer dead in today's music with Patrizio | Reviewer: Barbara | 8/24/13

I am of an age that knew the best romantic singers that could make you 'feel' the lyrics. I had thought this genre was gone in today's music. Patrizio has given us back this beautiful type of singing with the heart. I am happy to update an outdated vocal library.

Amazing Italiano! | Reviewer: Mona | 11/5/11

Never heard of Patrizio until I heard AMORE SCUSAMI!
What a beautiful version, of course not forgetting other songs, but AMORE is a very special version in my soul and heart. We in Beirut, LEBANON, are very romantic people, is Patrizio thinking singing in our part of this world. "Keep it up Amigo and sing more beautiful old songs. BESSOS para ti querido Patrizio". Sorry I can't xpress myself in italian, but I happen to know some spanish. Good luck & God bless u. Ciao

one womans opnion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/11

This is the second time I saw patrizio although I love his type of music I was a little disappointed in his show. The first time I saw him and heard him I fell in love....His voice and style and selections were great. This time his selections were not him. Some of the songs were ok but his first show all the songs were fabulous. He mentioned Frankii Valle giving him some pointers I thimk he should speak with Tony Bennett for advice..... Mr bennett is a legend in himself with his voice and songs. Good luck to Patrizio. Don't forget your Italian Music We americans can here american songs all the time but when you sing an Italian song in English its the best. just my opnion.

Ridgefield Playhouse DanburyCt | Reviewer: Catherine Clayton | 10/3/10

I had never seem if before but my sister had told me he was a great shown and I must say he was great. From Frank Sintra to Elvis. He sang for a hour and a half and the whole time he was either singing or dancing clownimg round and kept you laughing all nite. He has a beautiful voice

Coming to Toronto | Reviewer: Laura Porter | 4/3/10

I just finished watching the Italian DVD Live Concert.. OMG Patrizio is Tom Jones, Engelbert, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley all rolled in one.. He is handsome, charming, sexy and one heck of a voice... Any chance of seeing this gorgeous man in Toronto Ontario Canada..PLeaseeee!! :)

the awsom patrizio | Reviewer: annette degrandis | 2/20/10

this man gas a great career in the making .he has it all. looks agreat voice wonderfull stage presents .love his very clean look clean shaving. i am so looking forward to see you soon .where are you apearing in the states . wont someone email me please .god bless you patrizio annette degrandis

the most amazing singer ever since el divo | Reviewer: BRENDA | 3/6/09

the guy has a voice like an angel and he looks as if he was sent from heaven to come and sowcase his talent nd beauty. i just love the way he treates woman it shows his other strength of being a real romantic and a gentleman. i wouldnt mind spending one nite in his arms like i do when im dreaming about him

i luv u and ur music | Reviewer: soraya majal | 8/13/08

please can you do a show in south africa again.for the las 2 years you were here i could not attend as i am a muslim and it was our fasting month.not a day goes by that i dnt watch your dvd.luv u lots

AnnapolisMD, Lyric Baltimore MD, Atlantic City | Reviewer: A Federline | 7/18/08

Lot fo Class First saw on Public TV then Annapolis MD,Lyric in Baltimore and then Atlantic City what a showman best I have seen in years.
Can not wait untilhe cames back to this area and have all his CD's when is next one to be released

come back baby | Reviewer: valencia | 5/13/08

i first saw Patrizio at the Cape Town(south africa) consert. my husband gave me a ticket for my birtday, and boy was i swept away.when he sang a song called "liefling"in one of our countries languages i no that this man is one in a million. cant wait to see you again in south africa.lotz of luv

brilliance of patrizio buanne | Reviewer: patricia fowler | 4/12/08

i saw you on classic music channel for first time this year, you are a stunning performer in every way.i bought three cd's forever begins tonight.gave one each to my sister in laws.i listen to you every minute i can , even just before i go to sleep ,you are a breath of fresh air , it's good to hear great music ,that will never get old, and a brilliant romantic sexy voice.the world is your oyster,i wish you good luck in your music.and keep us entertained with it .many best wishes patricia

SOOO HOT!!! | Reviewer: Tamara | 4/8/08

Oh my god!!! This guy is fantastic. I absolutely adore his italian remake of Angels. I have many dreams about him playing a concert just for me. oh, and he is SOOO HOT!!!

I really wish I could meet him.
He sounds so romantic.

patrizio buanne concert atlantic city, 3-1-08 | Reviewer: vincenza zichichi | 3/2/08

just went to see Patrizio Buanne yesterday at the Atlantic City concert,
it was fantastic, faboulus, he is a wonderful perfomance, what a voice!!!
what a guy! he is sooo beautiful, God bless him and wish him much succes
in the future, he deserve it!! looking forward to see him again,
thank you for the opportuniy, sincerely