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Pat Benatar in Fine Form | Reviewer: Mike | 8/18/09

I first saw Pat Benatar in Chicago at the then Rosemont Horizon in 1982 and she brought down the house. Fast-forward to August 17, 2009 at Ravinia,an outside venue north of the city in surburban Highland Park and Benatar and husband Neil Geraldo brought down the house.

Celebrating 30 years of producing rock 'N Roll, Benatar was in fine vocal form. Poasitioned as second billing to Blondie, Benatar won the crowd delivering one hit after another. Nicknamed Spyder, Neil Geraldo was also on top of his game and never missed a riff, although I think his guitar could have been amplified more.

I've always been impressed with Benatar's music. Vocally strong and hard driving or reflective, here's an artist that deserves a place in the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame! Rock On!!

An icon for the old and new generations! | Reviewer: Paulieboysd | 7/26/08

Pat Benatar's longevity owes itself to a number of things. Her vocal range from high, lilting melodies to her signature gritty, in-your-effin-face rock is unequalled even today.
She has also been blessed to have an amazing band headed by her husband Neil Giraldo who is, in my opinion, one of the greatest, most creative minds in music today. Giraldo's ripping, all-over-the-neck lead guitar riffs rival any guitarist I can think of even in the metal laden era of the '80's.

The fact that she is also a humble, regular person, I think has kept her grounded and has helped her roll with all punches that come with the tumultuous world of rock. Years after I laid in front of my stereo console listening to Crimes of Passion (the first album of hers I bought), I still marvel at the voice, the guitar, the music.
Rock on Pat!

Goddess Of Rock | Reviewer: Steph | 11/1/07

she is the greatest female singer of all time. for those of you who happen to own her greatest hits album inside of the album it has comments from other female singers and how they all wore spandex singer along to pat benatar records. she was a very big influence in the rock world for women.

+ enquiry + | Reviewer: KB | 5/4/07

Undoubtebly one of THE greatest of all time !
When is Pat touring Australia next ! ?
Awesome Lady , great music ! Top 5 greatest female rockers ! Gee I wish I could marry her :-)

I Love Pat Benatar | Reviewer: Tom | 8/19/04

Pat Benatar is without a doubt the greatest female artist of all time right alongside with such legends as Grace Slick, Madonna, and Cindy Lauper. Not only are her music and lyrics wonderful, she is full of sheer energy and excitement, from her performances to her fashion style from the past and present.

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