Ms Balla | Reviewer: Whitney Johnson | 1/22/13

Hey Troy I hope U! this when first saw u U was in a casket rapping and I was young as hell but I just thought dat was so.Gangsta I was like O my!U know of a childhood friend of mine he is fat as hell came to your house and asked if you had a vending machine. I hope I have the pleasure. Later Boo.

where can we purchase ur movie we were home boyz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/12

yes me and my husband and others wandering where we can purchase ur movie we were husband is from alanta georgia he just got back from afganistan that was his4th tour and we been trying to get that movie since he got back from afganistan but we station in hawaii now so please get intouch with me at we will really appreciate u help us get that movie!!! thanks

all u hatin ass nigga | Reviewer: Sean | 2/21/12

Man stop hatin on the pastor they just mad kuz day anit got no money like troy do. And hell yea troy got every rapper i ever heard beat besides tupac by a big ass lane slide. pastor troy song no mo play in GA, pt 2 is bad is hell and dat song i want war oh shit yea its the shit no bullshit. If u like da pastor's musik yall should list to i want war man dat shit right dur is a bad ass song man on me dat shit go hard is a mutha fuka troy anit speaking no bull shit he tell people fukin reality.

Pray for Troy | Reviewer: Minister Joe | 11/8/11

I pray that Troy will eventually come to the light and be a powerful witness for Christ. If you like real Christian rap, check out shai linne, timothy brindle, stephen the levite and other rappers on the Lamp Mode label.

favorite rapper | Reviewer: floridagurl | 12/13/10

from when i was a git (lil kidd) i loved pastor diaster. he was always and till this day my favorite rapper. u da only rapper i know till this day dat aint neva turned commerical. never changed ya style jus so u can sell cd's. man i always wanted to meet you. you came to my hood one year. listen ing to ppl saying you wasnt gone show i didnt go and you was der. all i wanna do is take a pictuer with p.t crusier and shake that nigga hand.

let da pastor preach!!!! | Reviewer: rello noblin | 3/12/10

yeah yo...diz ya boi rello from da sip 601...mane datz my dude...he speakz what many don't understand az humanz...and he just speaking what on da mind...and heart of every human...i alwayz be on da team troy...can't nobody break it up...nobody...mississippi 2 atlanta nigga...rello..ova n out...

Pastor/Beast | Reviewer: Chris Robinson | 10/21/09

Pastor Troy is and will always be my favorite rapper. Pastor Troy is the best rapper because number one he always gives thanks to God and mentiones him in his songs. all of the rest of these rappers are wack and Troy is real.

The Man | Reviewer: Tim Davis | 9/4/09

Pastor Troy Is A Really Intellegent Guy. He Makes You Think And Makes You See With Your Own Eyes. See The Government Controls Everything The Show You What They Want You To See, And They tell You What The Want You To Hear. Use Your Eyes Man. Sure Some Of His Songs Might Be Amped And Gangster Like, But You Got To Remember He Has To Sell Albums. But After The Cars, Jewelry And Hoes He Get A Chance To Deliver Real Insightful Songs. Songs That Could Be Relevant To You. Songs That Lets You Know He Too See The Corruption. But Can't Nothing Be Done About It Until We As Americans Etc, We As Humans Take A Stand.... PT Fan 4 Life.

Dishonest and Disrespectful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/09

I met Troy in 2003 and we had a really awesome relationship for about a year, that is until Pete, one of his supposed team mates in the DSGB camp told me about Troy's wife and all his outside of marriage kids...what a loser..we obviously stopped speakin and i never even told him why...if he ever reads this "He will Know."

Pastor Troy ant shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/09

Pastor Troy is a loser. He is married and has kids with his wife and she had to move back home because he dosent take care of them. He also has 8 other kids that he dosent take care of thats why he is always in jail. Pastor Troy is not welcomed in alot of places in Atl because he never has any money to pay for his tabs and people just dont like him because he is fucked up. His whole crew is a bunch of losers. Pastor Troy Sucks and so does his music!

biggest fan | Reviewer: chauntese | 6/13/09

pastor troy i love your music and your style i think that u r very unique and that u dont get as much credit as u should. i love all your albums and also like how u make certin songs 4 tha ladies.i will always contiue 2 by your albums and support your music.

Why | Reviewer: A believer | 5/30/09

I really thing this guy has no Holy Spirit in him. In this article it says that it looks like he has the Holy Ghost. I don't think so. God if he really know Him, God would not want you to use Niggas and pray in the same sentence. The word is not positive no matter if you can say it because your not saying it in a bad way. God is love, peace and mercy. I think he should change his name to lost troy because his message is the same of all the rappers who try to get record sales. I feel really sad for the people who listen to this and think that God is in his music. God is Holy and a pastor is also Holy trying everyday to please God. This guy is pleasing his pockets get fatter. I think he probably started trying to send a good message but he must have got lost. I don't know why he is holding a Bible. Its not if you hold it its if you read and understand what it is telling you. My review is that he is lost because he does not know what his name represents and what he is trying to say. I give him a 0 out of a million. 1 million thumbs down.

Pastor Troy | Reviewer: Tim Tim | 9/18/08

I been ridin wit troy since we ready i got every cd n dats my nigga hands down hardest rapper ever i fucks wit him da realest nigga ever my favorite line Off of the rip I'm snappin like a columbine Never will I hesitate Georgia on my liscence plate Thankin' bout you underweights I'ma run through ya No ski mask I'm just gon motherfucking do ya he just real i can relate to him keep um comin PT

~ yo biggest fan ~ | Reviewer: Tscott~aka~Miz.t`baby | 11/30/07

'Oh my God' I love you Pastor Troy! I love all your tracks but TOOL MUZIQ is hittin hard. I love that track called "NO MONEY". I wish I could get a chance to met you just to tell you how I became you biggest fan.

I think I'm in love.... | Reviewer: Katrina Hughes | 8/29/07

I have loved the Pastor's music from day one-but-more important than that....I am extremely attracted to him. I know he's taken but I have always felt that if he and I met, it would be something magical...
Loyal fan...