!!!Your a shame we hate u Biatch get stuffed!!!! | Reviewer: Amanda | 10/1/2007

you are one of the worst singers enyone can come across ur ugly stupid if i can stuff u in a bin i will i hate u mother fucker go back to jail junkie which u are i hate you ur not sexy u are worth a hore biatch and i hope u read this message cause eveyone talks abiut u skinny biatch go get stuffed ur worth nothin dont bother making songs

Lousy no-talent bitch | Reviewer: Scott | 7/22/2007

Paris Hilton lyrics, but no Jan and Dean? This media whore is worthless. They should play her crap to prisoners at Guantonamo Bay. I cant belive people actually care about her life. Even the hotels with her last name on them suck. Automatic wake-up call at 11 a.m.? "I want to sleep till noon, jerk. I was up all night listening to Paris Hilton "music"."

damn shame | Reviewer: guy | 7/6/2007

they have the lyrics for this bimbo, but not rockin rod??????????