This song is about war | Reviewer: The Watcher | 8/8/13

This song is about war and how soldiers just need to keep on moving through every situation and it make me think of the days I spent in the special ops how we just kept moving on and we were broken by the loss of our freinds and our brothers at war

sentiments on the song | Reviewer: hernandezvenz | 1/29/13

so confused, broken and frustrated about the sequence of my cycle... But then, this song is the only sountrack that's alway playing on my consciousnes.. Now, this had been very special for me b'coz of it's unselfish message.


Tiny heart beats | Reviewer: Charlie | 2/23/11

I actually wrote a story inspired by this song. It starts off with 'i am outside....' then with every new chapter i add the next sentence. This song is soooooo touching and it's a shame others can't see the beauty behind it and just think you're being soppy until they know the raw truth about child sex trafficing. It truly breaks my heart. Leave me a comment plz.;(

I love it | Reviewer: Charly | 2/23/11

I actually wrote a story about this song. It's called tiny heart beats and being 11 yrsold this was alot for me to take in with every new chapter i add the next verse of the song. I love this song *tear*

Makes me tear up | Reviewer: Juliet | 2/16/11

This song makes me cry. I listen to it when I'm sad. It was playing very loudly when Josh and Zac left paramore and when my boyfriend broke up with me. It makes me feel like I'M NOT ALONE! I love paramore, I feel like theyre old friends of mine comforting me. I love you paramore!!!! :'( byeeee

"This song is actually so beautiful" | Reviewer: Jodie-Alice | 8/3/10

Hayley Williams is not only a fabulous singer but she has so much talent it's unbelievable the lyrics she writes never fail to enlighten or amaze me, she deserves so much credit for this song because it touches everyone no matter how old or young.
Well done Hayley <3

Wonderful | Reviewer: Cynthia | 5/15/10

this song is so amazing and wonderful. i love paramore so freakin muchh and for them to sing a song about children being sold like that and for them losing their innocence, makes you love Paramore even more for dedicating a amazing song to all children in desperate need. There not justanother rock band that all they sing about is themselves and other bull. They have a heart and i love this song! It touches your heart.

this song is very nice.. | Reviewer: utami | 3/23/10

i think this song is so really really nice. cause this song can make everyone who is heard this, sad and more than that... i'm really really agree this song can using on a twilight movie... that so amazing.. i so pround of you hayley you can write some song like this... i love it..... i hope we can meet some times.... this song is very nice....^_^

We are broken meaning | Reviewer: kate | 2/22/10

"we are broken" is about child sex trafficing. it is an issue all the band members are very passionate about and is very moving and touching. "Under red lights" - like the red light district for children, "what must we do to restore our innocence" is the children and how they lose their innocence at such an early stage of their life... i dont need to explain it much more, once you know this you can definantly interpret the lyrics yourself. So sad. but very bold of them to sing about it! love you guys! xo

Response to "Beautiful" | Reviewer: Tiff any Thompkins | 2/5/10

I definitely agree with you.This song is so moving and people take what they have for granted.We need to be more selfless and help others out.If it weren't for helping others,the world wouldn't exist...This should make people realize how much they have to be grateful for... I <3 it!

Well done Paramore =D | Reviewer: alexx | 11/23/09

I absolutely adore this song. I think it can relate to many things. I think it can relate to things like homeless people, sick people, the war frmo soldiers point of views, or just people in general and the way the see the world.
The lyrics are absoluteellyyy amazing and it really touches your heart everytime you listen to it and think of those people out there praying to God as He is the only hope they have left.

a moving song | Reviewer: Argenn | 9/19/09

when i first heard this song, i kept on listening to it and right now i question myself..why am i luky and not others?? this song really reminisces us that there are people out there that needs our help and everyone of us can do something for the good of the others. if we can beat the pain on the other side, let's all hope for a better future that's waiting for us.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Sophia. | 7/23/09

Thanks to the peron who wrote;

"this song is freaking beautiful.
when i heard it live - after hayley told everyone the true meaning behind it - it gave me massive goosbumps and i actually felt like crying. its so sad, strong and so real.
I see this song as homeless people, living in poverty, praying to God and asking why they live like that. It's so sad knowing that there really are people out there that live like that, and who prayer to God every day to keep them safe."

Tbh I never knew what this song meant to her, because well she DID write it so it must hve some reason. Some people have with breakups and heartbreak but "we" are broken, that wouldn't make much sense, you see?

But now I know the real reason it makes me feel pretty grateful of what I have, and never ask for anything that it just selfish :'(

If anybody feels the same, leave a comment. :')

I love this song | Reviewer: Terri | 7/10/09

This song is something that just makes me feel happy and sad it makes me wanna cry haley really is an amazing person she is an awesome writer too she really grabs emotions and rings them dry so the song leaves a mark i just really love this song it makes me feel safe too "keep me safe inside your arms like towers tower over me." I love it

It's really touching | Reviewer: Hannah Shimwell | 6/3/09

I love the song 'We Are Broken' and now that I know the true meaning behind it, it's so much more touching and emotional. I think it could really mean a lot to people who are gong through an immense imotional time. The line 'we're at war, we live like this' is devestating because some people truly do live like this and it shouldn't happen in this world. This song makes me cry.

Hannah Shimwell