amazing!!! | Reviewer: maddie | 11/5/07

i LOVE this song it's so powerful and it means SO much to me!
my favorite part is at the end when it says "and i'll take the truth at any cost" because that's exactly how i feel about life!

we are broken.. | Reviewer: .. | 10/22/07

I love this song so much, it is so much like what i am going through right now.
I love this guy so much and im not aloud to be with him and he loves me too and all me and him do is firght over the situation and its like we're so broken and we are ruining each others lives now :'(

we are broken | Reviewer: hannah | 10/22/07

this song is different for every person who listens to it. it could be about a break up or the loss of a loved one or whatever but for me it's about the fact that i can trust jesus when things suck and when im alone. its a beautiful song

we are brocken | Reviewer: angie robinson | 10/22/07

this song is just a great song and agree with alot of use but the point is it was writen by some one great and hayley sang it so beautiful and i love the band so much xx

each to his own | Reviewer: lauren. | 10/13/07

i think this song can mean anything you want it to mean. it doesn't have to be about anyone of those things you guys said...or it could be all of them. the point is, this song means something to hayley and to each on of the guys in the band and to me and to everyone who's ever listened to it, but it all means something different to each person. that's the beauty of music. its not written to tell you how the band feels, it's written to help you figure out how you feel.

and i totally agree on the God side by the way. this is a war ("we're at war")--its a spiritual war between life and death, darkness and light. its a war against deppression and all this crazy world is pushing against us. the girls who commented about the spiritual side--stay strong. i know how hard it is. keep praying.

ok | Reviewer: Hannah | 9/20/07

Well what i heard in the TWLOHA (to write love on her arms) myspace was that this song was about depression...the whole song is about them being "At war" with depression...but anyway its a great song!

Song | Reviewer: Jess | 8/24/07

Don't judge what the song is about-- it's a personal thing.

Music is made so you can relate.

It could be spiritual, or it could be related to the death of a loved one, or a relationship...

It's about exactly what a listener thinks its about.

To me, I'd accept it as Godly.

But it relates to me in terms of my relationship with my boyfriend.

Either way, it's beautiful.

we are broken | Reviewer: Amanda | 8/23/07

this song as helped me so much in the past four months. recently my cousin hung himself and i didn't know where to turn. but when i listened to this song i felt like everything was going to be okay and that i could always turn to God for help. this song litterally saved my life.

we are broken. | Reviewer: rachelk | 8/15/07

this song is absolutely amazing. one of the most POWERFUL songs they've ever done. i can NEVER give the guys & gal enough praise for this one. it gives me a feeling that's impossible to describe. it's amazing.

spiritual | Reviewer: kaitlin | 7/8/07

this song is defff. very spiritual.
that song represents everything i turn to God for.
and that's the reason, it's my favorite song from the album.

the song | Reviewer: kelsey | 6/25/07

this deff isnt about breaking up.
its very spiritual. READ the lyrics.
and a GREAT song to help you through
losing a friend, or a breakup i guess.
but its not ABOUT that. its about God.

we are broken.. | Reviewer: leah | 6/21/07

my good friend just died recently, this song's lyrics come almost personal to me in my situation, and the song in general has been my escape from everything im dealing with.

we are broken.. | Reviewer: leah | 6/20/07

my friend just died, and the lyrics of this song make it almost personal in my situation, its really helped me out and given me an escape from this crazy world.

BREAK UPS | Reviewer: ALEX | 6/16/07