wow I love this song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/09

wow this song reminds me of the twilight seirise because the "your arms like towers, tower over me..." it reminds me of Bella and Edward because Edward is so protective of Bella and that's what it reminds me of. Anyways if u think it reminds you of that then please comment about that!

wow. | Reviewer: katie:] | 4/6/09

well im doing a project on ann frank and, this song pretty much sums it up. Living in secret, being discriminated against, and the terrible conditions that adults and children alike had to face. I feel like crying. Most songs today are about shallow, stupid things, and than there are songs like this. Songs with meaning that touch everyone who hears them

Hold your hand to your heart | Reviewer: alexx | 2/22/09

this song is freaking beautiful.
when i heard it live - after hayley told everyone the true meaning behind it - it gave me massive goosbumps and i actually felt like crying. its so sad, strong and so real.
I see this song as homeless people, living in poverty, praying to God and asking why they live like that. It's so sad knowing that there really are people out there that live like that, and who prayer to God every day to keep them safe .

"keep me safe inside
your arms like towers,
tower over me"
that almost made me cry, because its like they're are really praying to God, and asking him to keep them safe and to protect them. They are counting on him.

"What must we do to restore
Our innocence
And all the promise we adored"
I reckon its kninda like they were promised heaps of things by like the government and stuff, but they never got it. they're asking why they should be like this, why should they be so different from everyone else, they just want to be normal.
its so so sad. it makes you feel much much worse for famillies living under poverty.

I love these kinda of songs, the ones that revolve around contempary issues and they come from their point of view. like the song "cancer" by my chemical romance. thats extremely sad. if you havent' heard it...go look at the lyrics.

they're singing about someone dying of cancer and kinda discribing what it feels like (like this song)
so sad. well done paramore (Y) so clever.

WOW | Reviewer: Megan | 10/22/08

this song is amazing!!! i saw paramore live and this was so beautiful. everyone has the choose was battle you could be fighting for if its for God, a relationship, anything that inside you are fighting for. To me its my fight for God and how i know He's there and keeping me safe. Even though this world is full of all these different challenges. Put He will always love us no matter what.

Its for everybody | Reviewer: Izzieee | 9/23/08

This song is amazing. It works for everybody in different ways. For me it was because i've been with my boyfriend for a year, and in 10 days im moving to Africa and we have to break up. These past few weeks he's been detatching himself because he thinks it will be too hard to act like he cares. He love me but he's hurting to much to show it. and i just want what we had back. thats why this song is sad for me. i just want the innocence back, cause he's cheatde on me and i've had to have an abortion. i want what we had. thats why its sad. god im waffling on!
but yeah, let it work for you, dont listen to what others want you to think of it as.


relates | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/08

i can absolutely relate to this song, not as much in it's direction to god, but to the loss of a loved one.

i was just 2 months pregnant with my boyfriend when we lost our baby. this came after a long debate over whether to keep it or not. if i didn't keep it, it was because of my fear of what my parents would do in finding out.
"we're at war, we live like this"
is what i was feeling when every other second i was changing my mind because of what others would think.
"give us life again, 'cause we just wanna be whole"
is exactly what i feel now, realizing that if i had made the decision not to keep the baby for others, it would have been a mistake because now that i have lost it, i feel incomplete.

these lyrics completely parallel what i went through during my pregnancy, but something about them is uplifting as well.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/08

this song literally gave me goosebumps
i love it when she sings "Give us life again cause we just wanna be whole"
wow..thats awesome
i love the lyrics to the song
and how its addressed to God and his power to make us sinless and whole.
whenever i listen to any paramore song,
the lyrics always have a way of reaching so deep into my

Amazing... | Reviewer: Jess | 1/30/08

There are a few songs out there that really touch you. "We Are Broken" is one such song. The lyrics really speak to any going through a major emotional upheaval. It just speaks for itself in the lyrics.

"Cause we are broken
What must we do to restore
Our innocence
And all the promise we adored
Give us life again cause we just wanna be whole"

I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU | Reviewer: Millie | 1/8/08

Both sides indulge me on this question of what this song is about, one its a great song for breakups, death of a loved one, a friend moving away a "bestfriend", when you or every other person who themselves can go "emo" sometimes a have tough time holding on to SANITY, and them those of us aware that spiritual warfare is all around just waiting for anyone of us mortals to slip up and lose are selves in the choas but the immortals don't count on a strong relationship with GOD that I would hope most of us have and his arms do tower over his children, never the less it depends on how you take it

its the best!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: hayley | 12/22/07

i realy love the song, i can super relate to srikes through MY HEART.....i really love PARAMORE.... im an avid fan...i super love the band, specialy HAYLEY WILLIAMS....probably this is my new favorite song among their songs...rock on PARAMORE!!!

beautiful | Reviewer: brittany | 12/10/07

this song is amazing..i hate how much i can relate to songs..but i love that artists can make you feel like your not alone and someone out there is going through alot of the same is the best therpy for a mending a broken heart. and i think everyone should be thankful for what we have. :)

I love this song. | Reviewer: peri | 12/6/07

Uh so this song is absolutly outstanding.
I'm positive that its directed at God,
but many people can think of it in many ways.
This song is so beautiful.
The only thing that throws me off is that my really good friends last name is Towers, so it made me laugh.
But after I got over that,
I realized how amaaazinnng this song is.
and yeah, like someone eles said, in TWLOHA it says its about struggling through depression,
and that just makes the song that much more meaningful to me.
I loooove Hayley Williams too,,
shes definatly my idol.

AMAZING | Reviewer: andrea | 12/1/07

This song is so powerful and inspiring and just awesome! I love Paramore and I love the fact that they are not afraid to do this kind of songs.
I'm absoultely sure this is about God, he's our comfort and our strenght.

// | Reviewer: samurai | 11/26/07

this is probably my favorite of their songs. i'm writing a screenplay, and it seemed like this song fit some weird way. ANYWAY, i love this song :D

yeah | Reviewer: k-man | 11/26/07

i'm writing a screenplay, and it seemed like this song fit some weird way. I THOUGHT THAT WAS NEAT, and i love this song in general anyway. so i was all surprised when i realized that. i was like "holy shit, thats cool."