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Performed by Paramore

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rad song ***** =): | Reviewer: cbgbs | 7/28/09

SHUT THE HELL UP KATIE!!! You look like a complete moron talking about grammer who the hell cares about grammer for such a little things such as a comment mabey if ur in school. anyways i love paramore haliey williams has such a uniec voice and there a great band and i agree with sarah all the way ***

Paramore rocks :D | Reviewer: BD | 4/2/09

Thank you Katie, for speaking my mind - about the grammar.

To be honest, I don't think one should wonder too much about what the original meaning behind writing this song is. Everyone has their own opinion, so let's stick to what we know and trust and not get in a fight, all right?

Sarah, I know how you feel. I'm sick and tired of those kind of people, although - as Katie so kindly pointed out - Paramore (or any other band, for that matter) probably wouldn't be as popular as they are now, if those so-called "posers" didn't buy their albums and fan-gear.

Anyhoo, I think it's a great song and we are many a girl (and boy, I guess) who can relate to this particular song.

Hahahaha | Reviewer: Katie | 3/26/09

Sarah darling, you are an idiot.....

"One of my friends is just like that she was going on about how much she loves Paramore's music and shit so i got her to listen to CrushCrushCrush and she said "what is this shit?" I almost hit her!"

Sorry, but that's just completely childish.

A comment to everyone in general claiming to be "true" fans and that everyone else is a "poser" because they only like the popular songs or the ones featured on the Twilight OST...
You must be seriously incompetent.
Only someone very asinine would make comments like that.
Who cares why they like the band or what songs they like by the band.
The point is that they like the band.
That's how Paramore is selling their CD's and merchandise, am I right?
So who really cares whether or not they're "posers."
Without those "posers," Paramore probably wouldn't be as popular as they are now.

Also, another comment to everyone in general...
Please, for the love of all that is Holy....
Learn how to use correct grammar and punctuation.
You make yourself look like a moron when you type with such illiteracy.

reply to john | Reviewer: Em | 2/22/09

I get the impression it's not so much about her dating a bunch of losers forever, and more about her and the one loser, and how though he'll keep hurting her, and maybe her hurting him, she'd happily go back to him, however much she knows it's going to hurt... because she's letting her heart win. and when they're together, she cuts everyone else off so everytime he leaves and breaks her heart she doesn't know what to do, or who to go to. She's so sick of it being her fault, it's a kind of, you know who you are, i don't want to do this anymore, but regardless i will.... i'm not number one paramore fan, i'm just a music reveiwer so there may be an actual explanation Hayley's given that i don't know about, but i have liked known about them since the beginning, and i think that the posers comment is pure shite because where would bands be without new fans?

Awsome band | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/15/09

I'm sick af all the people jumping on the bandwagon and calling themselves fans of Paramore just because they've heard a couple of their songs of the freaking Twilight soundtrack!
One of my friends is just like that she was going on about how much she loves Paramore's music and shit so i got her to listen to CrushCrushCrush and she said "what is this shit?" I almost hit her! anyway I love this band and I sooo want hair like Hayley's!! lol

OhMiGawd. <33 | Reviewer: Laynaaa | 2/6/09

Paramore is theee bestest band ever, and it pisses me off when people only like them for "Misery Business" because thats not thier only good song, nor is it thier first song like everyone thinks it is. Thier new stuff is good, but thier old stuff from "All We Know Is Falling" is even better.
But dont get me wrong, I love Paramore with all my heart, I think I actually know everyone of thier songs. Hayley is my hero, I seriously want to be just like her someday, she even inspired me to get pink in my hair, because I don't like red xDD. Paramore owns the world. :]] and to everyone who thinks we're posers for liking them deserves to be lit on fire. :P YOU are the poseres for calling US the posers. It takes a Poser to know one :D
Carry on with your happy lives, and let me know what you think.

can't we just enjoy a song or band without being posers? | Reviewer: random | 1/2/09

i don't understand why we are called posers if we enjoy a certain song by a certain band. to this 'poser' person; yeah most of us may not be the biggest fans in the world, but since when is it okay to call people posers because they think paramore is a terrific band and has terrific songs?
personally i thought i would never like a band like paramore, and the first song i ever heard by them was misery business but i think they are a terrific band. i enjoy most of their songs and so if that makes me a poser then you can juts grow up. i'm pretty sure paramore and most other bands love their fans, whether they know only one song or every single song they've ever made.
i can't wait till paramore brings out their new album i think they've done an amazing job for a band who is much younger then most other bands out there!

this song is made of win | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/08

great song, and whoever told all off the teenagers to go "drowned" ourselves i have two things to say 1)learn to spell, and 2)only a poser would actually call someone a poser. people who don't act like that are the true fans, your just some wannabe who has to tell everybady they are wrong becouse you were her first.

<3 | Reviewer: Savanna | 10/27/08

i really like this song i didnt even know many paramore songs when i heard it and whoever told me and the other teenagers to shoot ourselves thats some bad advice and wow u got problems and there are hospitals out there for u somewhere. jeeze. chill out. we can be a fan if we want ok? anyways...i like the band and think they are way cool i like listening to this song because its almost like she's laughing at herself for letting her heart win lolz

Go Paramore Go! | Reviewer: Ays Clandestine | 9/18/08

Hmm i like this song very much!
And its reminds me with my ex-boyf, we just broke up and i dont understand why do we like to hurt so much.. LOL
I love the Riot album, i keep listening to them while doing my assignments :)
way to go Paramore!
i adore Hayley! she's sooo cool!

Paramore.. | Reviewer: M.B | 7/23/08

I love this song so much .
The way I see the lyrics ; they apply to my life so much right now.
I just discovered Paramore, practically, I mean I'd heard about them, but never really checked them out.
My fav song by them is "Let The Flames Begin".

hah. | Reviewer: Rachel-Anne | 7/22/08

i like this song and all,it's great,and paramore is too.But i thought it was a jerk move of the person who told teenagers to go drown[by the way they put drowned instead,hah] Whoever that was,i'm sure they were an insane teenager fan at some point,& i'm sure there's things you don't even know about paramore,because after all,they're people,people have secrets.

Paramore Rules | Reviewer: Ariel | 6/6/08

My name Is Ariel and I think Paramore is the greatest band ever. I love every song on their CD, and I can't wait until they come out with a new CD. I hope that one day I can meet Paramore personally!

What?!?! | Reviewer: John | 5/13/08

Does anyone know what these lyrics mean? I'm guessing she fell in love with some dude then he got what he wanted and ran and she doesn't know how to move on so she'll continue on her path of dating complete losers forever or what???

reply to "posers" | Reviewer: Jason | 4/14/08

everyone has a right to like what they want. and it doesnt matter when they found them. so what if you found them before most did? it doesnt mean we dont have a right to like them.
like me, i discovered finger eleven before one thing and paralyzer came out that made them really popular...but i dont go flipping crap on people who like them now cause of those songs.
calm your hormones.
i found out about Paramore through a friend around the time misery buisness came out, and i just got their albums, and i love 'em.
true fan? a true fan wouldnt be trying to deny them their fan-dom.

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