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Performed by Paramore

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kaitlin entry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/09

some songs are covers and some are in b-sides
b-sides are songs that are left out of the album.
they can't really put the covers on the album because they're remixing a song without permission. i guess they could get permission tho...
maybe they did and put it in with the b-sides.

i guess :/ | Reviewer: Caitlin | 1/26/09

i dont know about the rest of you people who listen to paramore but i love this song, i guess you guys dont understand the true meaning of the song. you should also listen to this song by Failure the original song writer. its good both ways!

B-sides | Reviewer: Kristin | 9/19/07

check it. it is Sounds of Superman, most of them that never made it on to a mass produced album are remakes, like this one, or My Hero (originally by Foo Fighters) YEAH!!!

Paramore is my obsession.

titles are pointless | Reviewer: Kristen | 8/3/07

Many of the songs are from the Summer Tic EP or b-sides. 'My Hero' is from the Superman Returns Soundtrack (I think it's Superman Returns? I never saw it, so I have no clue.)

huh? | Reviewer: kaitlin | 7/8/07

there's a lot of songs up here.
are they just songs that were recorded but didn't make it onto the album?
that's what i'm wondering.

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