GOOD LUCK HAYLEY!!! | Reviewer: Linda | 8/6/07

I remember little Hayley WIlliams from West Lauderdale High School. She has come so far since then and all of us at WLHS wish her the best. I hope Hayley and her band go all the way to the top.GOOD LUCK HAYLEY!!!

yet another gr8 fing bout PARAMORE | Reviewer: Max | 8/4/07

not only r paramore the single gr8est band in the world 4 2many reasons 2 list here but i think it is awesome how they come 2 this site to c wot their fans think and exchange comments, and i wuld jus like 2 say again ,thank u so much Hayley and the guys u changed me xxx

Ugh | Reviewer: Kevinnn (: | 8/4/07

I want hayley. right the fuck now. ahaha (: im gonna get her. fuck all of you.

Krystal DeAnn | Reviewer: Krystal | 8/4/07

OMG i cant believe the lead singer is Hayley Williams i remember when she used to go to my school(West Lauderdale) i always knew she make it big she was an amazing singer...WOW i knwo someone famous...Well she probably doesnt remember me but oh well SHE ROCKS!!!

Paramore | Reviewer: Chris | 8/3/07

Woo Paramore! Hayleys hair is freaken awesomw and shes hot =D But i like the band because you dont hear too much girl singers and i like the rythm. of the bass its not like My Chemical Romance where its like 8th notes (I love MCR dont be dissing me cuz i said the truth) but i like the band its awesome WOOHOO!

Hayley Williams | Reviewer: kayla | 7/31/07

i too love the music of paramore but i have just one question-how old is hayley williams? i read on here that she was 16 but then again i read somewhere else that she was eighteen.. so... i dont really know....?
but anyway, yeah they're awesome and hayleys hair rules!

AMAZING! | Reviewer: ris | 7/30/07

Paramore is seriously one amazing band, and one of my favorite bands out there! I saw them yesterday at warped, and they totally kicked ass! The members of Paramore seem really kick ass too!
Everyone! Go out and listen to Paramore! You will love them!

it is hayley!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/07

Hey everyone u guys keep writing great comments and thank u for all of them i am on the warped tour as u might know uhh i guess tht is it and i will be back but i wanted to say i love u guys and tht tht kid NICK didnt see me and i am not dating his friends friend just to make tht clear lol well bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope ur summer is going great

Ya'll are AWESOME! | Reviewer: Jess | 7/27/07

I love your music. I also think it's cool that you come visit this site & stuff, Hayley! Keep rockin'!!

whatever some cocky guy said before. | Reviewer: me. | 7/27/07

"My friend has a friend that is dating hayley so ya bitches......She is really fucking hot"

1. I'm sure you didn't mean to brag. Even though that's nothing to brag about because I too, in some way, am related to Hayley. As we all are.
2. I just saw Hayley a few HOURS ago, annnnnd what came from her mouth was 'I'm basically married. Yeah. Married. Basically. Heh.'

And the end.

even though i absoulutly love the red jumpsuit apparatus i still love paramore | Reviewer: A.J. | 7/27/07

I is hard to choose a good band but my top three favorite bands are the rja, paramore and escape the fate. When ever they go on stage you can feel the energy that the band has and the connections. I hope that they have another album after riot love both of their albums bought them both on the exact day they came out. I love how haley's vocals really complements the drums, electric guitars, and bass and how the instruments complement haley's vocals. They are completely awsome and i think that after hearing riot it is going to be hard (if they have the best band in the world contest) to choose between the band that i love so so much ( the rja)or the band that is so so so good. Their cd is like my gibson thunderbird collection. It is right next to the rja cd. I recomended their cd to all my friends i let my friend jackie borrow it and she didn't give it back for almost one month. Over have of my school loves them and i have people coming up to me and saying "A.J. you know the right bands to listen to. Thanks alot" Ilove paramore and think that they should keep doing what they are doing because they ar so freaking awsome! i highly recommened them and look foward to seeing them play in noblesville,In with my bff jackie i have them to thank for because i recommened their albums riot and All We Know is Falling and we started hanging out and started skateboarding together as friends and soon he said he liked the fact that i was skinny and could skateboarding and he liked my skate,punk,emo look. It is amazing how someone's fate could rest on paramores album. You can bet that i will be buying the next album. Paramore is awsome and should defidentaly keep rocking.paramore is so untouchable when it comes to rocking excellent job. Have fun on warped tour. A.J.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Jess | 7/27/07

I just heard "Misery Business" for the 1st time today & was like "Wow!" So I decided to download more songs of yours! Ya'll are SO amazing! By the way, Hayley, I think it's cool that you come visit this site & stuff! Keep rockin'!

HI it is HAYLEY WILLIAMS again !!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Hayley Williams | 7/26/07

kk hey everyone i am back checkin the website people have come up with really good comments EXCEPT NICK! nick hate to break it to ya but ur friend is not dating me but anyway i wanna hear more of ur comments i love reading them well i have to go practice wish me luck!! bye!!!!!!

Yesterday | Reviewer: Ashley | 7/22/07

I was them yesterday at Warped Tour! They were amazinggg! I liked them before, but I never really set there and listen to their music but sine yesterday, I cant stop listening to them! She is a great proformerr and really gets the crowd going!

Thanks For All The Great Comments About My Band Paramore | Reviewer: Hayley Williams | 7/23/07

hey everyone wats up i love u all u are awesome fans i never knew people felt like that about us i should be checking the website and everything a lot lol well i should go i have things awaiting me bye!!