the greatness of paramore | Reviewer: alan masterton | 12/24/11

I am an ex myspacer. i first heard of paramore in 2005 when i found the album all we know is falling. when i listened to it, i thought WOW! this music is great. i typed them in on myspace and there they were. every chance i had i'd always check out there page. i also took a like to hayleys solo hits i checked them out to. i kept looking in music shops asking if they had any music by a band called paramore. one day in HMV i found the 7" single collecters edition for misery business absolutely loved. the b side my hero electric was ab fab. now when ever i see a paramore song i haven't got or heard yet or indeed if its just something to do with paramore i'll buy it.

Awesome <3 | Reviewer: Adania | 7/27/10

Paramore..I really love u..
Ur music is rock!
Since i heard misery business..i cant stop hear they're music
paramore the best band ever!
This heart it for only paramore!
Love u all much..

olpas paramore espero ke lo chelkenn m mm besos | Reviewer: reyna gladys | 3/9/10

solo para devcirles ke me encvantan los amo ok estoy ejmcantada con ustedes y esp'reo algun dia me manden la respuesta ese es mi sueño ok esperto ke me contexzten aalgun dia ok bye i love paeramore sorri i love bye chao los k8ero mucho io soy mexicana ok bye los kiero

Devoted | Reviewer: Corbie Ford | 1/27/10

Paramore is an inspiring band. I agree with Reviewer Amanda when I say they show us that age is not an issue when it comes to your dreams. There are limits to getting there though I will say. They have achieved so much in these four years. Paramore is my favorite band and I will continue doing what I can to see them live. I have it hard trying to get around to see bands. But for them, I will do anything. See you soon Hayley!! Promise!!

Awsome!!!!! | Reviewer: Amanda | 12/2/09

Paramore is an absolutly amazing band. They are inspiring to those who wish to persue careers in music and they are proof that age doesn't matter, you should follow your dreams. I love this band!!!!

from:Bella & Catie | Reviewer: Bella & Catie | 10/14/09

Omg!!! paramore freaken rocks and we hope too see them again in west palm beach flordia were they had perform with no dout and no sound.they were freaken awesome.dont ever stop rocking.your the best and always will be.we love youuu!!!!
(:from.Bella & Catie:)

i love paramore 4ever no erase | Reviewer: lalaine | 9/21/09

paramore band is my favorite band since i was grade 4. myfavorite songs of the paramore are:thats what you get,brighter,my heart,born for this,hallelujah,misery business,crushcrushcrush,pressure&also decode when i heard the voice of hayley i was very amazed and i was touch to the song my heart cause it is so emotional..........i wish i will meet your band someday cause iam only grade six student so i cant go to other country to take a picture to your band.............

awesome | Reviewer: wenn | 9/5/09

paramore rock my ear!!!! i like the way hayley sing, the way she communicate to the audiences from the stage.all i can say is, guys makes me banging my head, espceially with misery business and ignorance. i began to know paramore by crushcrushcrush. god it was awesome. that was the very first time i saw such a powerfull perfomance strenghten by the power of the song's lyric and hayley' voice. well, then i trully falling in love to this band, and kept almost all of their songs from 2 of their album in me cell phone.. well, keep on rocking guys

Paramore rocks my sockz!!! | Reviewer: Alexu5 (the 5 is my s)-my mom did that! | 8/16/09

THEY r so freaking emo-mazing.i love crushcrushcrush.and its been my dream to meet you guys.I would kill just 2 meet you.if i ever do i hope you guys are as nice and cool as i think you are...but im pretty sure you will.So anyways......ILY GUYZ!!

Red Ruby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/09

Ummm...who the hell said listen 2 david cook? Yeah he rocks, he may even be older, but he hasent been on the scene longer than paramore-and on top of that, Hayley has an amazing voice, dont bash her-she may not b ur most fav person, but really? She's not crazy, and she's makin money doin what she loves, so who are we 2 bash her? The fans, well, if you're a fan, keep rockin on, but if not dont comment negatively, everyone has an opinion, but opinions should be TASTEFULLY STATED

paramore is the best ever!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/09

I'm an absolute FAN of Paramore!! I'm kinda addicted...cuz I listen to every song by them everyday. Like right now I'm listening to Misery Business. Anyways, I love them and their music isss soooo amazing and deep. it always lifts my spirits wen I'm down or sad or anything I just kno I can always count on Paramore & their songs to make me feel better. And I know like all their songs :] they're truly amazing and I love them!!

Nice... | Reviewer: Just Someone | 5/6/09

It's not because I'm a teenager I have heard only couple of songs and like them allready because I have Riot! and All We Know Is Falling and I love them both,the cd's and the band,but her hair is nice =]
well I was just passing by but I like their songs a lot

the best band... | Reviewer: rodrigo | 4/24/09

To that that have okay... the pontless is that you have the guts to say that, please if you want to coment bad about paramore do it in another page please, also you have to hear (not ¨okay...¨) the album of The Summer Tic EP of this amazing band because is very cool!

okay..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/09

yeah, so paramore is pointless. all they are is a bunch of people trying to be awesome and failing. i heard one of their songs and decided that they are so fake. if you want to hear real music, listen to Adam Lambert or David Cook. they have actual talent, unlike some groups (paramore)that don't deserve a recording contract.

Very talented... | Reviewer: Katie | 3/25/09

Paramore is a wonderful band, they're upbeat, they're positive, they're addicting...
The first song I heard by them was Emergency, as per most fans. It's one of their most popular songs.
But I listen to 'All We Know Is Falling' alot and I've grown to love every song on the album.
Especially 'Whoah,' 'Franklin,' 'Here We Go Again,' & 'My Heart'

I'm constantly walking around my house humming or singing their songs. They're so very fun to sing, very catchy. And Hayley's vocals are absolutely amazing.
Actually, I think amazing is an understatement.

I just kinda tire of the teenys that have only heard a couple songs, mainly the ones they've played on the radio, and are obsessed with them.
It's kind of ridiculous.
Or they like them just because the members are hot and Hayley's hair is "awesome"....
Come on kids, that's just ignorant.