vans warped tour | Reviewer: Jack Collins | 1/14/08

hayley is amazing josh and all of the guys are amazing live i saw you guys at the vans warped tour and it was amazing definately the best wait i'd make it hotlanta for you guys to play

i stayed the whole time moshed and got beat up pretty bad to just see you guys

it was definately worth the trip and the pain no kidding

hayley waved at me on stage hehe made my life perfect and
screaming riot! was the best part of it all
the whole crowd went crazy

definately the best show ive ever been to

got any other releases or any other songs coming up?

hope so cant wait to learn how to play
all the new songs like i did the older ones


hopefully ill see you guys this coming warped tour and hopefully a TOC appearence?

hope so

take it easy.


i love this. | Reviewer: krtn | 12/14/07

paramore is definitely one of my favorite bands. my mp3 player just might burst if i put anymore paramore music on it. Hayley brings alot of originality to the band and everyone is just awesome.

KICK A$$ | Reviewer: Jake | 12/12/07

this band is the best there has been in a long time... i usually like the more hardcore/screamo type music, but Paramore is the best kind thats not crazy, and Hayley is pretty hott too

sOo adDiCtEd... | Reviewer: kRisTiNE_paRaMoRe | 12/9/07

i LoVe pArAmoRe so mUch I haD eVen dOwNLoaDed tHeiR mUsiC viDeOs,sOnGs, aNd eV'rytHiNg.. hOw I wiSh tHey wOuLd haVe a ConCeRt hEre in pHiLiPpiNes.. tHeY'Re sO aWesOmE.. i LovE yOu aLL gUyS,,(eSpeCiaLLy zAc FaRrO)...hahaHa!! =)

PARAMORE | Reviewer: Kelsey | 12/6/07

Paramore kicks butttt=D i love hayley she rocks her hairs sweet, mines just like it!!! I luv all the songs they do
This BAND is the BEST EVER!
Paramore keep on rockin!!!!!!!=D

Paramore | Reviewer: kelly | 11/30/07

jvous aime trop.jvous ete mon groupe préféré
Moi Jai crie Des chanson depuis lages de 7 ou 8 ans!J'aime Bien Chanter Mais Jsuis Trop Gener .
Tk jvous love
xxx kelly Jtee Lovee

James Madison University | Reviewer: cole sellers | 11/29/07

so i heard u guys went 2 JMU my older brother said you got to play there to and he was there btw.....Hayley your hottttt!!!!

omg | Reviewer: ty ty | 11/20/07

oh my gosh you guys are amazing! i totally wanne be just like you guys. someday when im all famous n'stuff like you guys ill maybe meet you all! -tyty

</3 | Reviewer: silent scream | 11/9/07

ouuuchh.. i wish hayley can be my friend.. im just in love with her.. i wish she was here in philippines... emo is passion.. wakoko..i love you hayley.. can i get your e-mail add?? pplllzzz!! here's mine tnx

WOW | Reviewer: Allen j | 11/4/07

Like who woudld not love these awesomeness people they r so friggen awesome---lol--- its like omg i know everyone of there songs BY HEART. Almost everyone I know knows this band. But everyone loves misery business. Its soon funny what the roots of that song is. Crushcrushcrush BEST SONG EVER MADE BY THEM. I CANT BELIEVE IT GOT ON TRL IN A FEW DAYS LIKE OMG. 3>3>3>3> gotta love Fueled By Ramen for making these guys AND HAYLEY WILLIAMS so popular.

can i just say.. | Reviewer: Charleah | 11/2/07

i completely 100% think that hayley williams is the best and couldnt get any better i admire her so much and paramore are the most awesome band in the world and i will not strop supporting them till the day i die! xx

yay!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: NANCY | 10/23/07

hey u guys--omg im sooooo incredibly happy that u guys made ur next single "crushcrushcrush". i saw the video yesterday n u guys look ah-mazing!!!!!!!! my 5 yr old niece was happy too cuz she loves u guys--she was actually singing the song!! hahah its sooo effin awesome!!!!!!!!! you gus rock my socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 josh

paramore... the big time rockers from tennessee | Reviewer: victoria bradley | 10/20/07

youve all heard of u2 and the cure right??? well if you like them you will most likely like paramore. they are amazing especially the awesome vocals of hayley williams. everyone thinking about listening to paramore should not even think to hesitate.

favorite band. ever. | Reviewer: mary yay. | 10/23/07

i've never felt this way for a band ever. they were my first concert, and it was amazing. i got high fives from them :)
but seriously, hayley gets too much credit. i love her, but what about josh, zac, jeremy and TAYLOR?!
taylor's freakin amazing and rocks.
so do the rest. I LOVE YOU

ps- dax or whoever. jeremy is the bassist, not guitarist.

anything boys can do, hayley just proved girls can do it better! | Reviewer: joen | 10/21/07

i love this band so much, being like hayley, im in a band where im the only girl and the youngest too! i sing and play the guitar...hayley is such an inspiration to me cause she proves that girls can rock harder than any guy could! if you want to rock, then just go out there and rock! it doesnt really mean that your a girl and you belong some place else..girls rock hard too!