:) | Reviewer: Unknown | 1/30/07

I just recently started listining to Paramore, not many people from around here know about them but me and a few friends do and we LOVE them. I really hope they decide to do a concert at the Halifax Metro Centre, that'd be so amazingly great:)

Paramore Rocks!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymos | 1/21/07

They totally rock!!! There are few girls in the rock music scene and Hayley just proves that girls can rock just as much as guys can. Go Paramore!!!

PARAMORE is AWESOME | Reviewer: lindsey | 9/3/06

Paramore is absoulutly by far favorite band....ive been listening to them forever, over a year now.....i cant wait til their cd comes out......Im seeing them in less then 12 days....their so amazing, and hayley is my idol....Im prolly going to freak when i see her in person, let alone meet her.....YAY!!!!!!

MORE MORE MORE MORE PARAMORE | Reviewer: Ranmayuusuke930 | 8/19/06

Yes... I love Paramore :) They are my favorite band and I think we all definitley want more of them... Just like the shirt says :) :) :)
Hayley has an amazing voice, they write incredible lyrics, and lets not leave out zac, hunter, josh, and jeremy... all amazing!!!!!

I love Paramore

Paramore ROX UR SOX!!! | Reviewer: RockerLane | 6/3/06

I love Paramore! They make awesome music and they write it themselves too. I think Hayley is a great singer and I so wish I could sing like that. Every single song is awesome. I missed their concert though which sucked so much.