PARAMORE=AWESOME | Reviewer: AshleyM | 8/30/07

I used to listen to just R&B and Hip-Hop and I still do but lately i been trying to be more diverse with the music I listen to and Paramore did it for me. Hayley has an AWSOME voice and their lyrics are real and hard.
<Paramore Rocz!>

HAyley | Reviewer: lindsay | 8/23/07

hayley u should visit the website becaus i am ur biggest fan i have all of ur albums and i listen to u constantly i am onlii 11 tho but who cares u guys are awesome i luv u paramore and i luv u hayley keep on rockin

=) | Reviewer: Amber | 8/18/07

ahhh paramore.
ya'll are seriously amazing.
and shockingly i know the bassist!!!
i started going to church with Jeremy when i was like5 years old and stayed there til i was about15.
i was always close with his family.
not sure if he'd remember me but who knows.
his sister is closer to my age and im sure she's psyched that her big bro is famous.
good job jeremy!

hayley rox | Reviewer: nancy | 8/17/07

hayley--dude,u and i have the same haircut except ur hair is like red-orange and mine is blue black.haha thats pretty guys rock 4 year old niece is one of your fans--she loves to sing along to "Misery Business" and "crushcrushcrush" those are her fave songs hahaha.keep on rockin u guys(josh uir still hotttt--nice lips lol)

Wow...I am very impressed. | Reviewer: Eric | 8/17/07

I am extremely impressed. I was watching MTV and saw your music video "Misery Business" no more than half an hour ago. I have to admit that I am not too familiar with punk/rock music. I mostly listen to mainstream hip hop and R&B but I have wanted to break out of that for a long time now. After a while it al just seems so homogenous and it gets boring really fat. I mean, I've been listening to that type of music all my life. I have never felt seriously compelled to leave/break out of my little musical microcosm of mainstream hip-hop/R&B and try listening to something different and unique until I heard this band's music. Hayley has unbelievable talent and I dont think most artists can honestly say that they are great live performers like she can. I am turning 17 in one day and I truly believe Paramore may have just saved me from a long life of listening to the same old bland music. Of course, I love R&B and some hip-hop but now I have a real reason to start listening to more punk/rock music. I know this review probably sounds quite a bit like a promotional gimmick but trust me, its not. I am so excited now. I feel like running down to the closest music outlet store and buying your CD. Thank you so much Paramore!!!

Luvin paramore | Reviewer: Ashton | 8/16/07

to paramore id like to say that ur lyrics keeps me going at my lowest they're intense and really do move me p.s love the misery busines song and video u have a to die for voice haley love,Ashton

awesomenessssss | Reviewer: nancy | 8/15/07

hey u guys,i think ur an awesome band.i first heard u guys os steven's untitled rock show and loved it!!!! i think its awesome when i see girl bands rock out to doin what they love--singing,and i look up to them--so u rock hayley.and to the rest of the band----u guys are terrific(josh ur hottttt lol)!!!!!!!! love All We Know Is Falling and Riot! THEYRE THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!

Im writing a story about you (warped tour) | Reviewer: Dani | 8/14/07

After I finish my other story partley about Warped Tour Denver Im gonna start a story about you and your bros and the drummer on how u guys became famous.Can u give me any stuff to start on?

just a simple "hi" | Reviewer: Paddy | 8/13/07

hey paramore, i just wanna say that you guys (and girl) rock, especially after seein you all performin in Montreal last night, and most of all, i wanna say a special hi to haley =) hope to see you all in the near future.

RIOT! | Reviewer: Sam | 8/12/07

I love Paramore. They're my favorite band. I went to Warped a few weeks ago and heard they live. They were amazing! Unfortunately they didn't have a signing so I didn't get to meet them but they still rocked! Definately going to see them in the fall.

Hayley is a great singer w/ awesome hair. Josh is hot and rips up the guitar Zac rocks on the drums. Jeremy is a awesome bassist. :D

WARPED TOUR. | Reviewer: Tyler | 8/10/07

Hey everyone, i went to Warped Tour two days ago[8/8/07] and i just wanted to say that Paramore absolutely blew me away! This band has saved my life, and they meen so much to me. When i saw them start walking out on stage i was pretty calm, then i saw Hayley and i started[cause she meens so much to me!] I couldn't believe it. I got so many great pictures, but the stupid crowd surfers ruined the videos. I just wanted to say good job to Paramore and i cant wait for more concerts! Good luck in the future, and dont forget us fans!!!

U ROCK HAYLEY | Reviewer: louise | 8/9/07

hey hayley u & ur band r AMAZIN i LOVE EVERY1 of ur songs, OMG & i CNT believe ur YOUNGER da me.
i heard ur song pressure on The SIMS (PS2 game) & i couldnt believe it when i heard da english verison & da is how i found out about ur band & eva since den ive been a BIG fan of ur work
ALL DA BEST, keep up da awesome work

1 of ur NEWEST BIGGEST fans

Louise from

PS i tryed 2 gt tickets 2 c u i london but day sold out & nw im piss off coz it :_(

Talent | Reviewer: G. | 8/9/07

You're not a bad singer hayley, and you talk about broadening your horizons.

You could do hip-hop cuttracks, metal, grunge, etc. I'm not talkin' bout changin' your band cause Paramore are pretty cool, but i'm talking about ever made it in just one band.

IF you're interested in getting further, not talking money or fame (fuck them, although they'd follow in toe), i'm talking about expanding personally....drop us a line.

Always happy to help when I see talent. :)

G. (

it is HAYLEY!!!! | Reviewer: hayley williams ! | 8/7/07

hey everyone wats up i am 17 and a half if people were wondering i am excited people like my hair ha ha ha but uhh i am kinda busy if u wanna give comments to the band or make convo with me thriugh here go ahead alright bye bye !

Haley = Goddess | Reviewer: Jeff | 8/5/07

Hayley, you have the most amazing voice I have ever experienced. I would love to see you again in concert. I was at the Cleveland Warped Tour, but the rain screwed up your set so I only listend to the small set you guys played. I would love nothing more than to see you in PA and actually talk to you. You seem like an amazing person and from I've heard from Forest and Jessie from Hellogoodbye your pretty chill, so email me if there is any opportunity at all of you and I having a conversation at all. Oh, I almost forgot, you have the exact same birthday as me! w00t. Ok, well Paramore, you guys are amazing and should play in Cleveland more often.