Hayley is the greatest-most beautiful-cute-rockin.... | Reviewer: dax | 10/19/07

Hayley rocks...she smiles so pretty and their band rocks.! Zac's cute too, and Jeremy and Josh are like the BEST guitarists ever...their music vids are so cool!!! keep goin guys! i wish you to be the MOST famous band in the world..DONT STOP THE MUSIC GUYS! Not in the next ten years or so...haha...PARAMORE ROCKS!!!

I love this..AMAZING!!! KILLER AWESOME! | Reviewer: Jude | 10/7/07

ok..well one thing I love about Hayley is that she isn't like everyone else..I idolize that from her!!! and her band mates are hott!!! I hate baries,preps, people like that!!! And she's not like any of them!! I idolize that!!!! She's killer awesome!!!! She's not a poser in any way possiable!!!! I don't even know what else to say!!! Just please stay different from other people!!!=]]]]]

best band in the universe | Reviewer: mahli | 10/6/07

you guys are the most incredible band ever!!!
hayley you are my idol i love your voice and i love all your songs that i've ever heard...and i've heard all of them!!! i'd love to say thank you because you've given me hours of non stop music which i love!!! my dream is to go to your live concert one day!!! xxx

my idols :D | Reviewer: stephanie | 9/28/07

i have no clue where to start.
you guys have saved me.
in every way possible.
hayley, you are my idol.
i love EVERY single one of your songs...
i have no favorite.
i AM going to one of yopur concerts one day,
and i will meet you guys.
i'll probley scream like a little school girl.
but seriously...
you all are amazingg!
i can't even put it into words.

question | Reviewer: Rachel | 9/22/07

hey guys,i gotz a question...
i read this thing in the newspaper about Paramore, and it said they we're 4 home schooled teenagers. but when i looked then up, which brought me to this sight, i couldn't find anything about them being home schooled. cause, also, it said that they practiced at meeting at there programs with the grope they home schooled with.
so like, if i'm wrong and if anyones feels like that can set me straight, please email.....

Freakin sweet! | Reviewer: T. Riz | 9/20/07

Found out AFTER I bought the record that Haley is so young (as far as bands go) and writes these incredible lyrics with the emotional backing that marks experience. First thing that came to mind was 3EB's red album, another one that I connected with very much. Absolutley fantastic work, Hope they keep it up and don't forget to stay misfit :)

crushcrushcrush | Reviewer: nancy | 9/19/07

hey again you guys--well just leavin u a little message here--i think your next single should be crushcrushcrush cuz thats just an awesom song, and then fences--and then we were born for this, and then lovesick melody lmao-those r really awesome songs well keep on ROCKIN you guys and girl lol later

Avril Lavigne versus Hayley Williams | Reviewer: Jeremy | 9/19/07

Who sings better? they both rock!!! they are both great singers, I also love this band Paramore before they got mainstream, even thoug hthey're mainstream, I still love them, who cares? they create great music!!!

<<<>>>> | Reviewer: Kayla jordan | 9/17/07

i love this band from the first time i heard them i knew i had to hear more i was really suprised hayley was only 16.... b/c im 15 and that totally gives me motivation.......

My absolute FAVE!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Krixia | 9/17/07

it's very rare to find a band and not only fall in love with the music, but the people who are in it. Hayley, Josh, Zac, and Jason are true talents, and all i have to say is, it's about damn time.

i love how.... | Reviewer: Alli | 9/17/07

i love how your young
and you know whats its like
and you write amazing songs

i think thats how you can relate
and you guys are like my saviors
i dont know if i would be able
to get through the say with my paramore
i didnt come to the warped tour

paramore=love from me. | Reviewer: acinom | 9/10/07

they're incredible! I seldom find bands that could write with a deeper understanding,make music that's extraordinary,and could perform really good live.

Paramore | Reviewer: Britney | 9/6/07

Hayley you haven't checked the site in a while but I'd like to say that you guys are the best band I've ever heard. No doubt my soccer team and I listen to you guys non stop. Your music is great and if you check the site often I'd like to chat with you sometime. Hope to see you guys play soon.(tell josh zach and jeremy I said hi and their awsome)

Amazing =] | Reviewer: Emily | 9/6/07

When i first heard paramore,I fell right in love with the lyrics! They are something that teenagers can relate to.Hayley has an amazing voice,Zac is awesome at the drums,And Josh&Jeremy on the guitar's makes everything come together! I went to my first warped tour Aug.2,07 in Cleveland and we got rained out waiting for Paramore.I thought it was unnessasary for people to be shouting "This Is BS" and flicking off the crew.It wasnt their fault,it was the weather! It stormed really bad that My cousin and friend and i left because the "sound boards were fried" and that paramore wasnt going to play.Which they ended up playing..& i missed them! But next year i am Praying that you guys will be at warped again! If not Please come to Ohio;Its pretty lame here!
Good luck&Please do not become another sell out band,You guys are amazinggg =]

Paramore...yay! | Reviewer: Aiden | 8/31/07

Ok i must admit that when i first heard them i thought that i wouldnt like them...but omfgah! Now that ive like opened my ears i cant get enough of them! Paramore is a sexy band with sexy music...thats all i got to say. PARAMORE KICKS ASS!!!

XO Aiden
p.s Yes my name is Aiden...also known as the sexy band...I'm lucky...heh.