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Performed by Paramore

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coool!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Cindy | 8/17/07

I 1st heard this song in the "sim 2"
went crazy looking for it now i finally found it!!! and in the "sims" its called another world!!! no wonder i couldnt freaking find it!!!

paramore is my life! | Reviewer: marissa | 8/16/07

wow paramore is really the best band that hit the earth.
there songs are amazing and hayley is like my hero, and her hair is the best.
the whole band is awesome and i'm so glad i got to see you guys at warped tour!!
yeah paramore rocks the world!

wow!! | Reviewer: mj | 8/15/07

i love this song its rele good in they the have like the best band ever!!!! this song ROCKS <3

Wow | Reviewer: Andi | 8/15/07

This song hit home a little too hard. You know? It tears me apart every time I hear it. But I listen to it SO much simply because it makes me feel like someone knows exactly how I feel. All in all it's a trult amazing song.

Love this Song | Reviewer: Shannon | 8/15/07

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. I first heard it on "Sims 2". Of course i couldn't understand what it was saying but i loved it anyway and once i found out it was made by one of my all time favorite band i was so siked! I totally understand what she's saying. It's about a group of friends and how one of them betrayed all of them.

great song and band! | Reviewer: cess | 8/14/07

this song has been stuck in my head for days...both of their albums are amazing and full of talent...and heartfelt emotion...this song especially expresses their feeling of their previous bandmate Hunter who left the band to be with his fiancee.

hmmm | Reviewer: HXCBrittneyo | 8/8/07

To me it kind of sounds like it's about her band or something. Saying "We're better off without you" ... or something. Idk. The song changes my perspective everytime I hear it.
It's a GREAT song, though =]

Whoa. uM. yesk. | Reviewer: OHJUSTme. | 7/31/07

well. paramore might just.... ROCK MY FLIPPIN SOCKS. which happen to be checkered.ha. i love them they are really good. folks. listen listen. peace out.

riot! | Reviewer: rachelk | 7/26/07

their new CD is great. and so is their old one. and every song that they write. i just saw them in warped a few hours ago and i'm still buzzing from the music of this wonderful band filled with beautiful musicians. it really helps that hayley is the foxiest woman alive, also. hahahaha. seriously, though. you think she's foxy 'til you see her in person. they had such great energy on stage, and i LOVED all their songs performed live, especially this one.

OMG! | Reviewer: Karlie | 7/19/07

I just noticed that his song is on the PSP version of Sims 2. I love they're new song " Misery Business". I love her orange hair.

over all a great band | Reviewer: stefanie | 7/17/07

dear paramore,
over all you guys/gals are a great band. no offence but it's because haylie is a fantastic singer. but, the band would be nothing without these awsome guitar/drum players. you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAILY ROCKS!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/07

This song is great. Haily does a awesome job singing it and all the other songs her and the group wrote. You can tell by the way she sings the song it seems like shes gone through what the song is talking about.

it makes me sad | Reviewer: Stormie | 6/28/07

but it rminds me of my boyfriend i liked him so much becaus i could talk to him but now [since its summr] all i can do is talk to him over the phone and we dont evn talk!!! he says he likes me but i feel like i'm undr so much pressure when i'm trying to talk to him. these lyrics describe a lot......

this song pressure... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

i think this song is cool.i like it alot and did u know that on the sims 2 game,they have it on there b cause it iz so popular!!!

Omg i love this Song | Reviewer: Katie | 6/26/07

Yes this is a song for Broken relationships. As soon as i heard this song I thought of my ex Boyfriend ,Gerry, We were REALLY good friends but then he went into High school and he got a new Girlfriend , Kelli, and He Dumped me I was SO Mad. But I really love this song!

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