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Performed by Paramore

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Oh, Star | Reviewer: ParamoreObsessed | 9/18/09

omg! Hayley Williams is my idol, i can't stop listening to ALL of their songs, my friends think im a freak because of it, but i don't care paramore are my absuloute favourite band in the history of music. my sister indtroduced me to them and then decode came out for twilight and i went crazy ive been obbsessed with them scince tht i reli think tht reli helped them get even MORE fans.


oh,star... | Reviewer: taypkas | 4/26/09

it' made my heart melts...
it's so amazing,that i found myself crying while listening to this song...
it really touched me a lot...
and made me realize how i have to value someone important to me...^^
thanks Paramore...

PARAMORE!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/09

I can't actually find this song anywhere! I want to hear it so bad, i read the lyrics and their amayzing! I absolutely love love love Paramore they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway i can't find it anywhere and i need to hear it so badly. PARAMORE ROCKS! I <3 Paramore;)

Oh Star | Reviewer: Casey | 1/27/09

My grandfather passed on just a few days ago, and I heard this song and automatically made me think of him. We were so close, I always told him I wouldn't let him fall and he would live on throuh me. See 'ya later pap-paw

Oh Star | Reviewer: ParamoreFan4EVER!! | 8/24/08

I Love This Song!! im like obsessed with Paramore! ive got both of their albums and i cant stop listening to them!! im in love with Hayleys Voice. its sooo.. beautiful!! im SOOO.. excited for their new one coming out next year. (or so ive heard; Spring/Summer) =D YAY!!

Paramore | Reviewer: Jasmine Robinson | 6/30/08

I love this song it's really good, iv got both of there albums & there so good in there own way very different. Like someone said "theyre so diffrent and unique then all the other bands out there they are all so young and have so much talent!" thats so true thats why i love Paramore & i can relate to most of the songs. i think they should make a album of all the song's like this & temporary, stop this song, number one, hello hello, rewind, sunday bloody sunday ect.. there all very good :) Keep rocking people's hearts out!

<3 | Reviewer: paramorefan27 | 4/28/08

this song is amazing! but then again every paramore song is amazing; theyre so diffrent and unique then all the other bands out there they are all so young and have so much talent! rockk on paramore!

oh star | Reviewer: i♥you | 4/3/08

omg. i love this song! i just downloaded it, and its AMAZING! Paramore needs to continue making songs like this. i have all we know is falling & Riot. but i perfer their all we know is falling, cause their lyrics really speak to your heart & the're very powerful.

♥ paramore, keep on ROCKINN!

stars | Reviewer: star | 3/28/08

i was thinking what would be the next song of paramore i was going to download and there was this song, actually i haven't heard it yet, just taking a look on the lyrics and it means a lot to me...
gonna check out the song lol

Oh Star | Reviewer: ST | 1/19/08

I love this song. Paramore really show their talent in this song. And the lyrics mean so much to me, it made me cry the first time i heard it. I love this song and Paramore more then anything.

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