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Performed by Paramore

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My review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/11

Paramore rocks. Whenever i listen this song that time i get lost in a fantasy. And i wake up when the song ends. It's a brilliant lyric and entire credit goes to Paramore. Really they've made a brilliant song. And the song is suitable for Twilight. \m/

I Caught Myself...Wow. | Reviewer: Hart | 10/23/10

This song kills me!

At this moment in time, I'm in a relationship. We are the polar opposites of each other, like each other's missing piece. But, for some reason, I know it's not her...I just know it's not...but, I can't bring myself to tell her that. She's so set on me, too. She wants me forever...and I feel like I've been waiting for her for so long(which I have, 4 years of being single), and here I am...doubting it almost completely and scared as hell. Maybe, it's the right thing, just not the right timing. Maybe, it's all too soon or sudden. But, it kills me everyday. :(

So again, this song could depict everything, every feeling I have. It makes me wish I could cry because of the situation, but I just can''s horrible...

Perfect song...enough said.

I caught myself | Reviewer: Claudia | 10/11/10

Same thing here...I'm going through this right now actually. I have a bf but can't stop thinking about this guy who I use to love (still love?), but I know that I have to allow myself to move-on for the sake of my boyfriend and I. For if I don't let go of someone who doesn't even love me back, how will i ever let in the one that actually loves me.

Love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/10

This song unusually inspires me to stay away from unnecessary affairs, put aside my crushes and reject proposals and bother about only my goal not anyone else. It arouses my conscious and remind of my interests by helping me take control of myself alone.
It helped me out a lot last year when I was being pulled by someone else in a state of utter confusion.
Now I know what I want nd I only bother about that and not what others want me to.

totally happns! | Reviewer: Hunn | 4/17/09

This remindz me of an xbf i had. i knew he wsnt da right one, i knew he was wrong in just so many ways, somewhat including the way i felt with him. Yet again, wrong felt right and pain turned me into some kind of masochist. totally hated the way he hurted me, but he was just so funny and sweet, so hard to forget. I couldn't help it, he had me hipnotized in his cute goey eyes, and the way he kissed me when he'll ask for forgiveness after fuckin up just felt like i should forgive. Until i got tired of him and dumped him for good. I don't regret anything, because i learned a lot, like self respect. So i call him my best worst mistake [=

Title | Reviewer: Lyla | 3/22/09

This song reminds me soo much of a crush i have. I hate/like him. He flirts with me,but has a gf! Most girls hate him and sometimes he does such idiotic things in class that I hate him! But at home, when I think about my feelings,I tell myself, "I do like him. Hes cute and smart." and then Im like, "What am I saying? He already has a gf, so hes just acting stupid and teasing me!" but I think there is a chance that he does like me, and that I do like him. And also a part of those feelings is that I used to have a crush in my old school (I knew he liked me, he knew I liked him, we flirted,never been his gf tho) and it feels like liking someone else is cheating on him (my post on Another Day). Its kinda confusing, but Im not taking chances.

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