Reviews for For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic Lyrics

Performed by Paramore

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yea | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/08

This album is great but people need to remember they had one before this. They have more songs than just 'Misery business' you see on TRL. It kinda sucks but I'm glad they got so big. I saw them in Baltimore before their new album was released and I crowd surfed to the front and Hayley stopped singing for a few seconds and said Hey and waved to me and my friend. It was the most amazinggggg thing ever and I'll never forget it.

Riot! | Reviewer: Ashley | 11/21/07

This new album is insanely awesome!
I would kill to go to a Paramore concert.
This is a really good start to the album.
Compliments to Paramore!!

CONCERT | Reviewer: PARALOVER | 11/1/07


I NEVER WANTED TO SAY THiS. | Reviewer: Bethany | 9/27/07

this song is amazing.
it's the perfect way to start off the album.

i've got to say that RiOT! is definitely
one of the best albums that i've heard in
the past few years.


I FREAKING LOVE PARAMORE! | Reviewer: Kaylakatastrophe♥ | 9/26/07

They are one of the best bands in the universe. If you don't like them then you are a moron in my personal opinion. I would kill to go to one of their concerts! I swear I am going to go to one ASAP.


<3333 | Reviewer: Alli | 9/17/07

paramore rocks

i sneak on my computer every night to listen to them. i only went to the warped tour because they were there. and this songs is so amazazing.
im asking everyone for the cd cause my birthday is tomorow!

About the song For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic | Reviewer: R.D. Moore | 9/1/07


I love you guys!
Your music is so inspiring to me and it really makes me just want to live and have fun with my life.

Thanks for all of the Inspiration, Hope, and Joy that you have gave me in my life!


<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/07

this songg makes me smile!
me and my friends decided to do this song for our talent show this year
so i guess its juts that amazinggg


riotxlove | Reviewer: destiny | 7/31/07

i love paramore.
i would die to see them.
this song rocks & it help me get thogh. something hard i was going though, it made me jump up & dance a forget about everything eles :]
i love this song ! <3!
paramore rocks !

RIOTTTTTTT! | Reviewer: Paige | 7/29/07

Paramore's new album "Riot" is amazing. It isn't one of those bands that you hate after you see them live. Haley's voice is so unique and original. There new CD is packed with lyrics you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.

Keep up the amazing work,

RIOT! CD is awesome | Reviewer: Veronica | 7/28/07

This cd is MAJOR!!! i absolutely love it. I dont know what it is about this song that i love so much but its absolutely amazing. I'm hooked on this song as well as each and every other song on this CD. Hayley has an amazing voice.

Fall Out Boy | Reviewer: Lori | 7/19/07

It's a great song, but the title sounds like a Fall Out Boy title.

awesome + a million | Reviewer: hannah | 7/16/07

i love paramore. they are awesome. i jus got the new cd riot. it's rly good. i would do anything to get to go a concert of theres so they need to have one in like illinois!

i love paramore.

rrrriot! | Reviewer: katiexMASSACREx | 7/13/07

RIOT! has been one of the few great albums i have purchased lately.
I haven't listened to a lot of paramore before, as i prefer more metal and hardcore music but i thought it was great.
Hayley's voice is amazing.
Should be good to see at warped this year!


RIOT! | Reviewer: Chandler | 7/10/07

RIOT! is amazing and I love this song so much.

Hayley Williams voice improved so much in quality after All We Know is Falling. I'm so proud of what the band has produced on their sophomore effort.

Buy it if you haven't

I love Paramore so much I cannot wait to see them on WARPED! not long now! eeek I'm excited!

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