review | Reviewer: courtney | 4/17/08

i like that paramore does a song about rehab. this song has alot of meaning and is easy to understand i dont get how the reviewers dont get what it is about. hello! news flash celebs in rehab. this is my favorite song!

i love this song! | Reviewer: rachel | 4/15/08

i personally am not a punk rock type of person, mostly R&B. but for some reason i L.O.V.E paramore's music. at my job that all they really play ( thats how i found this song) anywayz... PARAMORE ROCKZ!

ily paramore! <3 | Reviewer: jessica | 3/11/08

Well this song is the best out of all.
It has a faster rhythm than it usually does which makes it totally awesome.
haley has soooo much talent...she's the best
well my opinion is that this song is basically about how people change from becoming famous i mean because of the "limelight" and sometimes they get really tired from all of the attention and that is how they are "dying".maybe it could be based on a true story

Paramore rocks | Reviewer: Amber | 2/18/08

I love this song, it's so different, it kind of sounds like a showtune, which I normally don't like but Paramore makes it cool. Wow, they've once again done the immpossible, Paramore is so awesome!

Rock it <3 | Reviewer: umruh | 2/14/08

This song makes me think of Nicole Richie... poor stoopid girl >.<

Paramore has got to be one of the most amazing bands ever. They have a little taste of P!ATD, and sometimes Fall Out Boy too, but they have their own special flavor too. I'd recognize anything by them in a heartbeat, but each song is unique.

Paramore does a Souldja boy.... :)) | Reviewer: gabby | 12/27/07

don't get the title wrong... "fences" is just so much different from all of paramore's songs that the song is kind of a "novelty"... the intro is very catchy, but it is not that loud than all their other songs... this is a good song paramore, which proves that they are very flexible in music... paramore, you rock!! :D

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: Savy | 12/22/07

i luv this band so much! hayley is an awesome singer. this is my favorite song. its different from there other syuff but its so good. i luv it alot <3! paramore rocks!!!!

Fences. | Reviewer: beri-lyn | 12/12/07

this has to be one of my favorite songs ever.
i love how it is so up beat, and how it makes
people want to dance in public and not care
what people are thinking [well... i do atleast :D]

i love it.

thinking of cherry's response | Reviewer: Lolita | 11/23/07

i guess i would have to agree with that, even though i found it a bit confusing at first. with the mention of "limelight", i thought someone having struggles with fame, but the white room and everything else didn't...
but now it is coming together with "Don't look up
Just let them think
There's no place else
You'd rather be."
"You can't turn back
Because this road is all you'll ever have."
it also kinda reminds me of the tributes to marilyn monroe

meow | Reviewer: hayleee | 11/7/07

yeahh, it does kinda remind me of Panic! at the disco.
probably just how it sounds, especially at the beginning.
but i love this song, paramore kicks ass

To alicee | Reviewer: Cherry | 9/15/07

I think the song is about fame & being in the limelight constantly, in general. Whether it involves models, rock stars or actors etc., the song is basically about putting up a happy front for the media & public, when the person in question is actually miserable.

what this song about? | Reviewer: alicee | 9/6/07

yeah whats this song about? becasue liek i thoguht it might be about anerexic models at first because "And it's obvious that you're dying, dying." meaning theyre dying from strvation. and "Just living proof that the camera's lying." like anerexic models looking good but really they look awful and "You're always on display" am i right becasue it kinder make sense witht he lyrics but i dont know? =/

i <3 paramore | Reviewer: amiie | 8/24/07

i love this song and there lyrics it has soo much meaning without yuu knowing it ... if i had as much talent as haley i would be amazed she just totaly rocks soo ... yer paramore just rule lol

=DDD | Reviewer: Tori Bee | 8/12/07

Oh geez.
This is probably my favorite song on their whole album
I really love the line
"Just living proof that the camera's lying"
This whole CD is amazingg
xoxo for Paramore <33

W0o! | Reviewer: Ferneh | 8/5/07

this song is more Panic! At The Disco.
well, thats what i think.
it's different from the other songs which makes it so quirky.
Hayley just gives it that touch of attuide that makes the song a whole lot better.