awsomeness | Reviewer: stephhh:) | 8/2/07

eek!this song is lyk woahh.haha wow i sound all poser. ahh dont yew hate it wen people start listening to a band just fer one little song like idk lets say misery business and they declare themselfves fans of the band wen really their juat following everyone else and they only rly kno lyk one song by them but their all lyk "omfg! i love this band"?ha waoh im thinking to deep but yahh. anyways i love this song definatly beats out misery business.


About the song Fences performed by Paramore | Reviewer: Jess | 7/21/07

Paramore rocks! Most of their songs are really addicting. Their new album RIOT! Is absolutly brilliant. So.. Well done Paramore!

I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/07


i actually like this song | Reviewer: chemi | 7/14/07

only this song and misery business is good. the chorus gives me a nice feeling lol. everyone is all "omg paramore rocks" but seriously they sound like every other band thats out there. only thing different is the female singer.

other than that, they're just like all the other bands out there.

Riot! review | Reviewer: SallyPoop | 7/9/07

Paramore's first cd, "all we know is falling" set out a whole new cool and awesome genre of new style of music. So many people loved paramore already, not only for the great tunes and beats, but for the meaningful lyrics and the band's talent. Paramore's newest CD takes their fresh and hip style to the next level, which fans are sure to love. Each song is different from the next, with "misery business" as rock and "fences" more indy, and others. Give them a listen and you'll instantly become hooked.

different | Reviewer: kaitlinnn | 7/8/07

i feel like this song is different from their normal style.
don't get me wrong, i think it's awesome to hear them change up their style a little.
i feel like it has a little bit of a jazzy/swingy feel to it.
with the beat of the drums and the tamborine.
a little cahnge in the style of percussion can cahnge the entire song around.
but i love the song.
and i'm sad that i'll miss warped tour.
they aren't coming to my city.
gaahhhh. "/

#2 song fave song off R!OT | Reviewer: MAVI | 7/6/07

after purchasing the R!OT album the week it was released up till this week I was finally able to sit down and take a good listen to it because when I first got it I was listening to "Misery Business" over and over and over again... this song, however, once it started playing I got really into it and now has been stuck in my head and I've playing it so many times it's unbelieveable! Love the lyrics, the beat and geetars are amazing, and Hayley's voice is so unique, I love her style, can't wait to see them @ the Warped :D since I missed them @ the Bamboozle! hope they play this song! I'll be singing my lungs out!