omg | Reviewer: conner | 2/17/12

okay this song is totally awesome i just her it yesturday night when i was having my paramore time (when i lsiten to paramore only) and i love it....i think this song is about haley and how she feels about the "fame" when she says "sitting in a room made up of only big white walls" i think she is talking about how she is stuck in one place and cant get out and then the part where she says "dying" i think she means shes getting sick of it and she dying in side so i think this has to do with fame but also in real life as well many people who are "different" feels like there is no way out and that people are watching them to find someone else to pick on them about or something like that but anywayz paramore rockz okay<3

InflueNcE | Reviewer: ThE girl UNder thE bleachers | 1/15/11

I know i RANT about how people are all like "Oh i cut myself to this song & it stoped me from killing myself" But 'fences' did, iN a way, save me from myself. I was in this state where i would be happy 1 day & sad the next.. I was actually getting lost in all that Corney pop comerciallist crap. Id listen to misery buisness once or twice but- then i heard fences & i quickly recoverd. it cleared my head & brought me home. Catch you guys @ school....under the bleachers

i <3 paramore! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/10

ok first thing i'm agreeing with pretty much everyone that commented here,i think this song is about fame.second,paramore roks!i love Zac,Josh,Jeremy,and (of course)Hayley!i swear,i've never heard anyone better.i don't know if i'm their number 1 fan,but i'm still a really big fan!!lol,rock on paramore.:)

love this song <3 | Reviewer: Rosanna | 3/31/10

For me, this song is about fame and the bad results of it like eating disorders & drug abuse. If you read the chorus lyrics you can see how it's related to the eating. but hey, that's my interpretation, everyone has different points of veiw :)

Paramore <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/10

OMG i want Hayley's hair!!!! I love fences and it is a really good song that gets you thinking about the meaning. I love Zac, Josh, Jeremy, Hayley! Miley Cyrus can go jump off a cliff! Who told that whore she can sing in the first place?

98% of teens would cry if Miley Cyrus jumped off a cliff. I would be part of the 2% that are sitting in camp chairs with cameras and popcorn shouting out, "Do a flip!"

Lol ;) Paramore rox my fuckin sox of!

Amazing!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/09

I <3 Paramore, and this song is great. It could be talking about mental illness- 'made up of only big white walls, and in the halls, there are people looking through, the window in the door, they know exactly what we're here for', but it sounds like it's talking about fame, because you can't give up fame either. I love most of Paramore's music, but the only one I hate is 'The Only Exception'. Anyhow, this song is fab and I hope Paramore end up even more successful in the future.

Paramore Is Amazing!! | Reviewer: Tia | 7/13/09

I think this song is amazing..yes I agree with the others that said the song is about fame. Most famous people like to put up restrictions to the life. Like so does every one else so this song can be directed to many others too not just famous people

paramore forever | Reviewer: fifi | 6/18/09

at first i didnt get the meaning, but to me it sounds like it's about fame. there must not be ONE DEFINITE answer to it, but that's how i take it. i mostly like classic rock like beatles but PARAMORE RULZ FOREVR♥♥♥
c0nc3rt jun3 26!! 0mgg

Big White Walls... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/09

I think that this song is compairing being in an asylum to being famus. I can see it bolth ways, which is what makes me beleive it is compairing the two. For the assylum part,

I'm sitting in a room,
Made up of only big white walls and in the halls
There are people looking through
The win the window, and they know exactly what we're here for.

Because this is like being in solitary confinment, everyone knows why your there, and they watch you.

Don't look up
Just let them think
There's no place else
You'd rather be.

This part is saying 'just play along, and pretend to be happy with what you are,' so it goes bolth ways.

You're always on display
For everyone to watch and learn from,
Don't you know by now,
You can't turn back
Because this road is all you'll ever have.

This goes bolth ways too, but its much more obvious. Everyone watched famous people so that they can immitate them, and people watch insane people to learn how to 'treat' other insane people. Yoou cant just turn away from being famous, and you cant just turn away from being clinacly "crazy".

I would go through the whole song, but I should be doing homework right now, so this is basicly how it goes. Yeah. Paramore rocks. ...

Fences | Reviewer: courtney | 3/3/09

Alright well, first off Paramore is amazingly awesome. Now, about what this song means, I happen to agree with those of you who said it was about being famous. The whole song points to it, in reality. It's like being in a room with people looking at you all the time. You have to make sure they think that you always wanna be there, but it's not true. You can't just be like, K, I'm done with this famous biz, later, no you're there forever. And you gotta smile for the cams or the tabloids will rip your head off. You need your fences and restricitions so that you don't go insane! But fame is all you'll ever have. At least right now. The camera does lie, I mean if you took one look at Hayley knowing nothing you'd be like what a punkrock poser. But she's not, she's really nice and modest. It's all about perspecive. K, well, Hayley is still amazing, and Josh and Jeremy and Zac.

Fences. <33 | Reviewer: Kate | 9/8/08

I've always been a big fan of Paramore, and I truly believe Hayley Williams is one of the most talented signers around. This is my favorite song of Riot!, and I love the lyrics as much as the rhythm and tune. A truly insightful and deep song.
One of the best songs out at the moment. ;)

amazing | Reviewer: isabel | 8/21/08

paramore is very lucky to have a super adorable front, HAYLEY. she's sooo cute, and has a very extreme amount of charm (x hope they'll try to visit the philippines someday.. their music is very groovy.. many people like it. this is another gem of western music, especially of the pop punk rock scene. love the whole band.. HAYLEY,JEREMY,JOSH,ZAC and even TAYLOR.. love them all..

Omg | Reviewer: Kick | 7/17/08

It's crazy. I totally love this song more than anyone else. And still I'm not that 14-year-old girl who just loves the songs and want to be a new Hayley. I liste to all kind of music, but this, oh gud, this is something special.

Jst thinkin | Reviewer: Maddy | 6/30/08

i dont realy agree with wat Mikayla said this song is to me about if u r famous people expect things from u and its almost lyk your FENCED in and the camera somehow is always there every mistake u make and wen it says "ill show u how to build your fences set restrictions, separate from the world..." she was just trying to say being famous or great or watever can suck lyk u need a break from the whole world and jst build ur fences and setrestrictions.
i X3 Paramore!!!!!!!! Paramore kicks some big fuckin ass!!!!!!!!!!=D
and dont forget to pay attention to the lyrics

Yay! Cake! | Reviewer: Mikaylaw | 5/19/08

I'm 10 years old and I think Hayley has so much talent. She's kind of like, my role model. (I got her hairdo. Hair dye is amazing!) I like how she's not self centered. I bet Hayley can walk on a street without everyone going "ZOMG ITS HAYLEY WILLIAMS!!!one!!eleven!" unlike that Miley crap that they call 'sensational'. I think this song is ither abot rehab, or a zoo.
Animals are always on display, just for people to stare at. It's unfair.
Anyway, Paramore Kicks Fucking Ass!