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Performed by Paramore

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AWESOME | Reviewer: Courtney | 4/2/08

OMFG I love this song so much. And you can even tell the story behind it a bit.. it is about 2 members of the band and the fact that their parents were split, and that was bothering Hayley so she wrote about it. But yea, I love all the Paramore songs. and also, I like My Chemical Romance and The Used and many mannnyy more! Hayley's hair is so amazing and I loved her dress in the video, even tho it was dirty. Hayley and the whole band are radical doods!

paramore rockz my sockz off | Reviewer: daph | 2/17/08

you can just tell paramore rockz!!!!! their lyrics have loads of meaning unlike other gay artists. i mean, if you look at avril lavigne, some of her lyrics are like, totally lame. i love this band and its enthusiasm shows through their songs!! XD oh yeah i love hayley's hair too :)

LUV PARAMORE!!!!!!! <3 | Reviewer: Daphne | 2/16/08

oh god i just love this song. the lyrics really reflect life and really have meaning unlike other gay songs by other gay artists. hayley's voice rocks!!!!! :) and she isn't a big show-off unlike SOME other gayass singers....i just love paramore's enthusiasm and hey, it shows through their songs!!!!!! XD

Randomness | Reviewer: Purple Mascara | 2/6/08

I love paramore. Unlike all these other little bands that come along with an okay lead singer who happens to be a chick, these guys, (and their gal), really have good tunes. You know, they weren't even going to let her into the band, except for the fact that she writes these awesome ass songs.. The best part... THEY DONT MAKE YOU WANT TO SLIT YOUR WRISTS!!!!

Sweeett | Reviewer: K.ydani | 1/30/08

This song is really good, i like paramore alot their songs have actual meaning to them!!

p.s. to whoever made the the comment about guys and lesbians......thats messed up, like guys being asses has nothing to do with lesbians

i really love this song | Reviewer: lauren | 1/29/08

right now this song relates to me soooooooo much i couldnt say how much =/ but also love this song n paramore to death n even tho im having trouble with my bf this song always helps me

I looove this song | Reviewer: Lifes Cruel Sometimes | 1/24/08

It's so sad, i absolutely love this song, and it's so weird, because it's obviously about someones boyfriend or whatever, but i always think about my older brother when i hear it...

guys suck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

i love paramore and this song
p.s. guys should stop being such asses ... then there would be less lesbians in the world

fantastic!!! | Reviewer: dopeY cess | 12/29/07

weeww.. i really love this song.. i sang this when we joined battle of the bands.. and oohhh.. its awesome.. unfortunately we didnt get the highest placer, but we still got some place.. i love paramore a lot!!!! ur a hell of a kind...!!

wow. | Reviewer: Charli Marie | 12/2/07

paramore is amazing! i really LOVE this song. its really gets to me. but i love all of the songs. they are AMAZING and noncomparable. nobody can compare. these songs are amazing! im hoping ill get to go see paramore in concert!

agreed. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

this song really gets me, coz i relate to it.
its just like amazing how Paramore sings, especially Hayley's voice is like wow. i also like misery business and crushcrushcrush =]

Its awesome | Reviewer: Paige | 11/2/07

I love this song beyond all shouldnt die...even tho it did in my heart...but hey it doesnt deserve it...

hayley is not avril | Reviewer: mai | 10/21/07

a lot of people are comparing avril and hayley when it's clear that there is no comparison! hayley has this awesome and powerful and sometimes even daring voice and you could take out the guitar and the bass and the drum and the song would still sound good. whereas avril...well, she's ok but her voice is not beautiful.

emergency | Reviewer: stikerface00 | 10/22/07

they are so awesome and i love their music! I am going to listen to them for a long time!!!!The drumer is so hottt!!!!

:O | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/07

i have a piczo,so i visit this piczo site.i saw the song,so i started loooking at the lyrics and singing along!


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