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Performed by Paramore

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It doesn't matter! | Reviewer: Alien! | 11/10/13

Hey guys! Its all good!
What does it matter where/when you discovered Paramore!
I honestly don't even know i'm bothering stating my opinion in this bicker fest! Its so insignificant/pettiful to argue about!
All thats of value, is that we all love and support Paramore!
They rock/kick ass! One of the best bands that ever came into existance! So to the sad sack/silly ass ppl who continue to argue over petty matters!
Wake up, cut the childish crap out, and continue to love the shit out of this band without the need to boost your ego by trying to be the best founder of paramore, or being the biggest fan!
Because frankly, no-one is the biggest fan! Anyone who adores this amazing band, loves them in their own way, more or less!
But what does it matter!
How about everyone just get along, be equal/individual!
And stop the ego trips! Its unnecessary!
That it is all lol
Peace out peeps :)

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/12

I watched the emergancy and I was like amazed then when paramore was in twilight I got more in to them And now there going to Leeds so I'm seeing them live I hate England but were getting paramore yay

the heck?!?! | Reviewer: Stainless | 3/31/12

D**n it all, why do all the things that i like have to be ruined by effin' Twilight?? I don't care what everyone says, but I was a fan of Paramore long before those cursed movies, heck, I had them among my favorites even before they appeared on MTV!! And, as their popularity grew, I was happy about it, even if it meant working with those fangirls-scream-and-drool-material they call vampire romance. But it really bothers me when people say suff like 'you can't be a Paramore-fan if you don't like twilight' or 'They got popular only through Twilight'. They became what they are only thanks to their own hard work and talent!! At least, that's how they earned TRUE FANS.
So, whoever mentioned Twilight here first, just get the hell out of the internet.

wow | Reviewer: peopleareidiots | 2/17/12

Can't believe y'all are arguing about how you found Paramore. Being a fan doesn't matter how you discovered the band, its the band you like and their music that speaks to you. It doesn't matter how you've found the music. Like I've been listening to Paramore long before twilight. Its just ridiculous how people start these stupid little fights online. Like y'all have nothing better to do than bicker online about Paramore and Twilight? Wow.

wtf does it matter?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/11

i didn't find Paramore through Twilight, i found it by reading a book that metioned them so i checked out their music and it's awesome so why should it be any different if someone found them Twilight?? what the fuck does it matter anyway?? if you like them than that's that.

hgfhgf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/11

wtf is wrong with you. i didnt discovered paramore through twilight but i have nothing against those who did. and like alex gaskarth said, being a fan isnt about being here in the begining, its about being here until the end.

stupid | Reviewer: tamara | 2/27/11

it doesnt matter where u here a song i am not a twilight fan but half the bands i like i like coz of films and the deffenition of fan is someone who likes a band and has wenttoat leastone of their gigs and i have to addmit that we all class ourselves as fans but i about 57.9% of uhave neva seen paramore live !!!"

shittttt shitttttttttttt | Reviewer: houda call me heidi no no no hayley .w | 10/22/10

i hell don't care about what ''he female'' ( i mean the opposite of ''shemale'' )saids !! PARAMORE ROCKS before they sing in twilght or any other movie , so kiss you ass and get the hell of the sites where the paramore fans hangout before i put your di** in a metal box and cook it !!!
-singned by the ultimate fan of hayleyyyyy

dont be silly, it doesnt matter how you found paramore, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

dont be silly, it doesnt matter how you found paramore, if you were a crappy twilight fan, you would only repeativly listen to the cd. If you actually looked into the bands, it doesnt matter. We all hear music from different places, and i dont see how hearing paramore off the radio or from twilight is any different!

just because i found PARAMORE THROUGH TWILIGHT MEANS NOTHING | Reviewer: irock | 9/13/10

soo what the fuck is wrong with finding out about Paramore through twilight, that does not make me less of a fan than any other person. i love their music and i believe that when u hear one song and u look into the artist and u like their music and u like more of their songs and sing along to almost every song at one of their concerts that makes u an awesome fan so stfu with all this being pathetic crap about being fans after twilight cause that means shit!!!!

btw Paramore is awesome and i love Emergency

absda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/10

saying fans who come across paramore through twilight are less fans than ones who knew them from the beginning is pathetic.
im a huge fan of 80s music, yet im a 90s kid. that doesnt make me a less fan of any of the 80s music i like just because i got into it all at a later stage, i kind of had no choice!
as long as someone likes the artist for genuine reasons, then it shouldnt matter when you developed an interest in them.

Paramore | Reviewer: Paine95 | 8/30/10

Okay, I'm a HUGE fan of Paramore. Their songs have beat that just makes you want to listen to more of their songs. Their album "Brand new eyes" has to be one of the best. And Twilight is alright I guess, but i stick with the books. The movies are gay...

Paramore(: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/10

I love Paramore and I love this song as I read these comments and I'm like omg forget about Twilight it is the s**test film ever it's a fake most people love Twilight coz of Robert Pattinson or the other guy Taylor and it has nothing to with with Vampires they don't f**king sparkle during the day they BURN!! damnit LMAO!!

Paramour -Twilight | Reviewer: Death2link | 7/18/10

Okay this is hardly an opinion but simply put. It doesn't make the slightest difference how someone gets into a band. If they listen to 1 song and call themself a big fan I'll call them up on it but if they listen to a fair amount of it because of a film then they're as legit a fan as people who listened to them years before. I personally thought that they looked terrible before Decode. But that got me to listen to their stuff from riot and All we know is falling and I've loved them since. But I digress.

twilight/paramore | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/10

yeahh about the twilight paramore thing. the first songs of paramore i heard was in twilight, and i've loved them ever since, i have like three of their albums now. and soo what if people become fans of paramore just from hearing them in twilight, your still a fan. both are totally awsome so whats the big problem? thers no such thing as 'real' paramore fans, if you like any of there songs even if they are from twilight then your still a fan.
btw my favorites are hallelujah, woah, all we know and emergency.

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