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Performed by Paramore

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About the song emergency preformed by Paramore | Reviewer: cristy | 5/28/07

When I had first heard this song I was like....ok but, as soon as I hear the words to the song I was in shock I fell in love with it...

Emergency paramore | Reviewer: Paby Jnr | 5/10/07

i love this band there is one thing that alot of people may not klnow about this band but they are a christian band and thats y alot of there songs are so meaningful but paramore are a def AWESOME BAND AND I LOVE THEIR SONGS

paramore has amazing vocals | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/07

YES ! You have to believe it. Paramore can sing her heart out ! WOW !

she is very good ! If you don't agree you either don't know music or you don't know what good is !


omg, i luff it i luff it | Reviewer: carmen | 4/18/07

i luff this band so damn much, her voice is unbeleivable

kool | Reviewer: alma navarro | 4/8/07

the video is so kool. it is one of their awesomest song ever!!!!!!

Soooooooo good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/07

First time I fell in love with it too! Amazingnessss - so so so so good =)

Wow | Reviewer: Kim | 2/13/07

i heard this song last night when i was watching fuse, I thought it was really cool...

So awesome | Reviewer: Liz | 2/21/07

You know how there are those songs that you need listen to a few times before you like them..? this ISNT one of them. i listened to "emergency" once on someone's myspace, fell in LOVE with it, and downloaded it instantly <3

Milk and Cookies | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/07

She's way too good for the band. The melody of the vocal parts is good and she's a very talented singer with a unique voice, the rest of the instrumental parts (i've only heard of emergency and never bothered for any more, so i'm not judging the entire band) seem a little all over the place and too many distortion and other effects were used and you can't really hear; there's hardly a difference to the chords. Kudos to the drummer though, for being able to keep a solid beat through all the guitar chaos.

no name | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/06

when my older sister and i are alone in the car we love to roll down the windows and put in paramore. we would crank up the music and sing really loud. we would love to sing to this song. well now my sister is making bad choices and i miss the old her when we would listen to paramore and sing at the top of our lungs. now when i hear this song it makes me think about her and kinda makes me sad but i still love the song. hayleys voice is amazing!

Pretty Darn Good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/06

I first heard of paramore on the give it a name advertisement thing, and i checked them out to see what they were like and my first thought was wow its a girl the next was wow this is good! My can that girl sing, at give it a name they were awesome! The rock scene has constantly been dominated by guys and its great that paramore are getting lots of publicity! This is one great song and hayley is so cool!!

Great!! Check them out! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/06

I'd heard of the name Paramore before and I'd never really paid much attention to them but they started appearing loads in Kerrang! and i decided to listen to them and it just happened to be this song was the first i heard and I really started to like them and I listened to a few more and think they're great. The video to this is cool and I think Hayley's voice is brilliant!

Amazing song | Reviewer: Amanda | 6/16/06

When I first heard this song, i had never heard of the band before, the song just randomly came up on limewire when i was searching for Panic! at the disco music. I decided to doawnload it and see if i liked it. I listened to it once and fell in L O V E. The lyrics seem very deep and meaningfull, and the singer has a very unique voice that realy adds to the lyrics. Deffinetly a song worth putting on your face song list.

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