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Performed by Paramore

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about emoness | Reviewer: Nakster | 6/22/08

well there's also the stereoype that the people who are anti-stereotype about emo songs...emo songs are EMOtional songs which are heart this song CAN be classified as emo but not as the sterotypical emo (being depressed and cutting themselves etc.)
anyway i love this song its great, this is what song that got me hooked onto paramore and hayleys so the band too, lol

I cried | Reviewer: RachelMarie | 5/25/08

This is mine and m best friend in the whole wide worlds' song. She means the world to me, i mean that, she's absolutely amazing and she means EVERYTHING. I love and miss her beyond anything you could ever imagine. ilybestfriend

paramore= good stuff | Reviewer: MjujgBjkyrfs | 3/30/08

paramores a great band, gotten me thru alotta shit, this song i can totally relate to, theres a secial someone who shines so bright, but the brightness is blocked by depression, and stress and otha shit probly alotta it is stupid stuff i do, i swear i almost cryed listening to dis song, thinking about all weve gone thru together, well keep up the good work paramore,

Brighter | Reviewer: Laura | 1/31/08

Yeah! Paramore rocks this life and the other one...Brighter is such a nice song, and quite it!! Haley has an AMAZING voice, and the lyrics are quite enjoyable...I must add, I don't think it's emo, I don't know, but lately, EVERYTHING is emo...stop that crap for once, it's really annoying...HURRAH PARAMORE

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: mollyy | 1/20/08

i lovee paramoree sooo much!!!
i think haley is amazing and she has a wonderful voice!
and paramore is my all time favorite band!
and this song is NOT "emo"

Totally Amazing! | Reviewer: Ashleigh | 1/15/08

I freaking Love Paramore.
Haley is Amazing!
She's gorgerous and man cn she belt out a tune.
I love This Song It's My Favorite. It's so beautiful and so peaceful. I can totally relate to it... There is a person I know that just won't understand how amazing he is... and I wish I could sing him this song.
Keep It Up Paramore!!

Oh yeah | Reviewer: Your mom | 1/9/08

This song's not emo, emo is a stereotype, and stereotypes are like always WRONG
So you can shove your LABELS where the sun doesn't shine !!
Because this is by far my favorite Paramore song, and they are by far the best band basically ever
I'd go lesbian for Haley !!! =]

stupid | Reviewer: ylime | 1/5/08

uuh , this song isnt "emo". people who say it is ,are stupid. its music , music is music. who gives a shit if its really deep and people are saying their feelings, if you like it then you like it. no need to diss if you dont like it. every artist sings/raps about their feelings, and everyone has different feelings and everyone has different taste in music. for example; 50 cent mostly raps about girls, and thats what hes like all he thinks about is girls and having sex with them. and paramore sings about love and boys but not about having sex. soo it all depends on what kind of music you like to listen to.

er k | Reviewer: yeahh | 12/26/07

It only sounds emo if you want it to.
Emo is apparently being depressed, everybody gets down & about simple things life gives, love is one of them. It brings people down and gets & most bands sing about their feeling to help express it. You cant call that emo because if it is, everybodys emo.

WHOAA. | Reviewer: <3 | 12/8/07

wow that person under me is soo wrong.
iff you looked up the lyrics whyy are you totallly dissing it.
well, i dissagree. this song is one of the best.
i think i still have it on my myspace! :]]
I<3UHayley Williams!

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