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Performed by Paramore

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awsome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/09

i believe this song is about a friendship,and how sometimes they dont work. but they'l always mean the world to you. and any time you need them again u would be there in a flash, because they always made ur world brighter

iv been in a similar situation recently and this song helps me understand it and come to ease with it,
i love paramore!
their real and their music calms you without it being a sad slow song. it calms you in another way.

5 stars=)

relatable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/09

This whole song just reminds me of a friend I used to have. Im real shy and she made everything 'Brighter'
I still love her so much even though she just left..

So basicly. I love the lyrics and the beat/guitars are top class. Hayley voice is realy awesome(As always) I love Paramore.

To Nakster | Reviewer: RubyRamone | 1/31/09

This is not 'emo' music. Sonic youth and Sunny Day Real Estate are emo. You know bands formed in the late 80's just barely sliding into the gap between punk and grunge.

So sick of emo being used wrong and turn into a
'lifestyle' It's just a music genre

relatable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/09

This song positive and upbeat without and talks about a real life issue without being emo...for me this song reminds me of my ex best friend and how she still means the world to me even though she walked out on our friendship

wow. | Reviewer: Brittneyyyy | 11/2/08

I have, like, all their songs, and this one seems to haunt me. It's very good. I pretty much ahve an obession with Paramore, so yeah....but Idkkk. I opt for the more "unknown" songs.
Anways, I just love it. Love paramore. They have amazing lyrics...

:) | Reviewer: .... | 8/28/08

you guys could at least spell "Hayley's" name right..

anyways.. I love this song... to whoever said that this song is a breakup, it's not. this song was written for their friend who died in a boat accident. I don't remember her name and I'm too lazy to look for it on the AWKIF album(their friend's name is on it).

this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/08

I think this song is about a breakup. And she's saying that the relationship is at its end, its really hard for both of them to keep working at it and the other person is about to walk away. She realizes that, and I think she's saying she would still see them as a good person (hence the bright shining) and wish them well, even when they lose what they had.

yeah! ;) | Reviewer: argiee | 7/2/08

love dis song soo much! YEA RYT. THIS IS NOT EMO!
well. i juz love how haley delivered the song!

WOW!!! | Reviewer: spaz | 6/29/08

five stars for you paramore! this song means so much than the popular music on the radio now (i cannot stand 4minutes to save the world and low.) i mean... a song with meaning is like immposible to find... anyone agree? i think of this guy i REALLY like, but he has a girlfriend, and hes my best friend, and ittd be really akward. Anyway... you didnt come to hear me so i just want to say i personally love this song.

This song is the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/08

I loved paramore even before they came out with RIOT!. This song makes me tottaly calm and happy and sad and I don't think I can put it into words. I LOVE PARAMORE! And I love how this is'nt just meaningless crap like Low or I Kissed a Girl. This song is living proof that a song can have a "catchy beat" and good lyrics.

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