This song is amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/12

This is a reply to the person under me.
I got another confession
I fell to temptation
And there is no question
There was some connection
I gotta follow my heart
No matter how far
I gotta role the dice
Never look back and never think twice.

I completely agree with you about these lyrics and have a sort of similar story to yours except that I'm a guy and a few things are different about it. But what you said is exactly right. These are strong lyrics.

I want to be loved by you, please...god... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/11

I got another confession
I fell to temptation
And there is no question
There was some connection
I gotta follow my heart
No matter how far
I gotta role the dice
Never look back and never think twice
... To me these are the most meaningful lyrics ever. I confessed that I'd fallen to temptation with a guy I really liked. And I think there was a connection, even though he's a badboy/player. Ive sent him a message sort of indicating how I feel. Even though I'm really shy. He hasn't replied yet cos he doesn't go online a lot. Sometimes I wish I hadn't, but I know it's for the best. Things might not work out, but I'll never have known unless I tried xxx xx xx xxxx

OOOOH my word :):) | Reviewer: Emo Twinkle Bunn =P | 4/12/11

This song amaaaaaaazing :) im a huuuuuge ass fan for papa roach.. theyr one of my favourite bands :) they beat all the other 'rock'.. and i love heavy metal!! lets get some screamoz ;) hehe nah.. i never give in,i never give up ;) <3

uhm.. | Reviewer: Stina | 4/20/10

in the first verse(beginning) its not 'to get down' its 'to your town' and theres no 'and' in the chorus. and in the second verse its 'I Love' not 'A love'. Just thought I'd point that out and I love this song. big papa roach fan here. ROCK ON!

Love it!! | Reviewer: King | 4/12/09

I love this song, and i was Estatic when they put it on WWE Raw. Its great, pumps me up for the day. So many messages in this song as well:
1. Never Give In, Never Give Up
2. Fight for Respect and Defense
3. Dont Regret Any Decision
At least thats what its telling me. This is is going to be a Long-time Fav!

Rock Out Loud

Amazing | Reviewer: Tim | 2/26/08

This song is great. It always seems to pump me up you know give me that jolt i need to wake up in the morning...i have to say i think this song is about not giving in to what other people say and think you just need to do what you think you should and dont think twice...but of course this is what I think

. | Reviewer: Bart. | 12/30/07

i think that there sould be " I'll never give in" not "I'll never give on".
but i don't know English perfect so I don't want to judge the person which wrote that. ;)

Awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

This song is fuckin awsome. This all about the bitche out there who need to shut the fuckin retardo ass mouths. HELL YEAH! Bitches watch out or Im`a break you`re fuckin neck! Haha Well BB4NOW!

loved the fucking bitch | Reviewer: laur | 11/25/07

its my i mean one of my life songs my heart is jet black and its all fucked up and it falling apart and i never give up or never give in my logic to society.... cuz i hate this fat ass chick named alex manning shes a bitch and listen to the game by disturbed the little bitch she went and she told a lie never again will she tell another a lie the little bitch she went and she told a lie never fuckin lie to me!! love tht part 2nd life song

Awesome | Reviewer: Matt | 11/25/07

Just saying this is probably the best song for wwe Raw. Great song and keep makin good songs Papa Roach!
So Freakin Sweet!!!!
WWE Raw is Awesome!

Pretty good... | Reviewer: Raph | 11/6/07

First of all, id like to say that im cool of just kidding...second of all, this song isnt metal, its rock. Third of all, IT ROCKS!!! And well guys rule...

Greatest WWE Raw theme in the world WWE Forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/07

I looove this song sooooo much Papa Roach r sooo cool

When WWE Raw made this there theme tune i loved it so much i just had to find out who was singing this when i found out it was papa roach i downloaded straight away and i havnt stopped playing it all day and night this is my official halloween song

WWE Forever Boyaka Boyaka 619 619 Rey Mysterio

I LOVED IT | Reviewer: Stuart | 10/6/07

I love WWE Raw and Smackdown and ECW, and when Raw made it there new theme song i search for days for it. When i found it and that it was Papa Roach that was the icing on the cake. I love Papa Roach and this is my fav song, well that and 'Ladies and Gentlemen' by Saliva. I was the Theme song of Wrestlemania 23

i love this song | Reviewer: papa roach 4 life | 9/20/07

i can play this song on my guitar i did it at my talent show and this girl i liked her me do it so i aksed her out and she said yeah so now were going out

Radd song! | Reviewer: Scarlett | 8/20/07

I was watching WWE Raw the other day and I wondered what it was called, so I was searching on Frostwire the next day and found it! I <3 this song! RADD RADD RADD!!!