If you don't want to upload something don't do it | Reviewer: xXShao Jun AlanizXx | 8/25/12

The lyric is poor, you didn't put annotations and choirs marks, if you don't have time edit the lyric part by part and make sure that it will be a good lyric, not this poor thing, make an effort or make nothing and don't upload this kind of poor things.

a-m-a-z-i-n-g:D | Reviewer: Fancy | 1/7/10

this song is amazing. it reminds me of mi exboyfrinn. he was always treaten me wrng. 'we never fell in love we only fell apart'. i love that. 'take a look at the world around you can you see the desperation take a look at the world around you can you see the life your living'. thats my motto. Papa Roach is wonderfully amazing:)) love them! Jacoby Shaddix...ah i love him! hes beautiful and veryy talented<3

so close to me | Reviewer: Aisha | 7/5/09

you know..this song is really close to me. When I listen to it it reminds me relationships with my ex bf. "We never fell in love we only fell apart. "So we pick up the pieces and put 'em together.We said this was gonna last forever" always fighting with him, never being sure of my feelings to him..but always trying to think about "this is gonna last forever"..one day I woke up feeling like I won't take it anymore..we broke up and when I listen to this song I feel good! It set me free and helped me to go through this line of relationships.
There will be nothing better than when I burn all your letters!]:)
Thank you Papa Roach!

Wonderful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/08

How can someone start listening it?U can only continue listening!!!))))

Beautiful, even when u get dipressed!

Papa Roach is winderful band,

I also reccomend they songs(from Paramore Sessions) - 4ever and Roses On My Grave!!!!

Awesome :) | Reviewer: Jessiiee | 9/18/07

this is my favourite song atm from the new albumn paramour sessions, cant stop singing it..

Great song, i recommend it to anyone!!

Rock on Papa Roach :D

Very emotional lyrics in a rock setting. | Reviewer: Keichi | 9/5/07

'The World Around You' has beautiful, moving lyrics with a great singer to go along with it. If you're starting to listen to rock, this is the band to start with.