t | Reviewer: milica(serbia) | 9/19/2007

this song is so special you can quit and be i luser or you can fight to the end and be someone this song helped me andrerstaind and fihtg am not a luser am i fihter

0 | Reviewer: milica(serbia) | 9/18/2007

this song is the best is like it mesns something and that rocks it is perfect song all papa roach fans lovet I just knoe that it rocks hardcore

Stop Looking Review | Reviewer: Gleb [Russia] | 9/18/2004

Oh, sh*t! This song is f**king cool! It reminds me of 90's rock groups "for one day". Of course some of them still release singles... But this song is really cool. I think it's the best on "Getting Away with Murder" album.
Nice work!