reality | Reviewer: Rilo | 8/15/13

when I first heard this song I just went through a tough break up and every time I hear it I still think about her and the problem is that I think of her too much and I open up my heart to her all the time and after I give it to her she returns it into peices. And I really want her to b the one, but I know she won't be, but it is just so hard to get over her and I know I need to move on so I keep listening to the song to use it as a motivation on to never let that happen again and so I just want to say thank you papa R. U da best.

Thanks to my helper | Reviewer: Preley | 2/7/13

I was down to the lowest point in my life. I thought my heart would never heal. I found you late one night and thought what have I got to lose? I ordered the Return My Lover Spell and within a 3 days she was back in my life thanks to you Dr. Lee of the

Love struck | Reviewer: Zero | 1/8/13

I thought i was in love, it was just abusive. He scared me for life, i tried to fix him but all he did was hurt. I started to drink because it was just that bad, he betrayed me, and i still cared. In the end i told him, "Im sorry but ive gotta move on with my own life." <3 Papa Roach, rock on.

hell on a stick | Reviewer: carpetgirl | 9/24/12

when i was 14 i fell in love with one of the most amazing people in the world. He swept me off my feet without even trying. We were together nine months and i Cheated on him with my bestfriend, because my parents liked him better. two hours after i confessed he left me for this chick who already had a kid. A week latter i found out i was 3 months pregnant with guy 1's baby. But he had already left. I was already a wreck from my relationship prior to guy 1. And i was restless becaus he was the love of my life and the shield that protected me from myself. I was five months in and i was probably going to move in with guy 2 because he wanted to be there for me. of coarse at this point he thaought i was only about two months. i was small and a bit chubby so it was hard for anyone to realy tell i was pregnant. My mom some how found out that guy one was the real father, and she drugged me. she denies it till this day, and all i can remember is his screaming and standing in the middle of the street covered in blood holding a cig. i came home and slit my wrists in the bath tub, and woke up in my friend meg.'s bed. i think there must have been more inbetween there, but i don't remember. I can't recall being at a hiospital eather, but there aren't huge scars on my wrist, only my ancles. A month latter guy 1 returned. i was hooked on the stuff that killed our kid, and i told him about half the story. He's bitch of a gf broke up with him, and i was there to pic. up the peices. we both fell into drugs. "relaxenol" mostly, and his mom kicked him out. he moved back in with me. i was going on sixteen at this point, and i was pretending not to be hurt. i couldn't deside whether to love him despite the pain he left me with, or to hate him for not wanting to get clean. The only person that seemed to care was guy 2. guy 1 prohibited me from talking to him after he saw the messages he was sending me, saying he cared, and that he'd always be there. Guy 1 still had my heart. One night while we were living with my aunt holly, my mom disapeared. she came back a few nights latter, and jar. got kicked out compleatly. we started fighting. I cant remember what over. adiction i think. my mom showed up half naked in his parents yard. that morning the land lady called the cops and dss took 16 year old me into costudy. Aunt holly and i cryed for houres. All i needed was for him to be there. And he couldn't be. i know he tryed, maybe to hard sometimes. lol and i loved him for it. two sentances on fb broke my heart into peaces: "Theres no easy way to say this. I'm braking up with you, i have my reasons, you dont need to know why"
But i do need to know why. It's almost a year since then and i cant move on properly, because i still don't know and its killing me. Two months latter and he was playing house with the girl down the street. My bf Jody and i are strugling because of my relationship peranoia, and idk what to tell him. on the otherhand guy 2 is still in my life and there is absulutly no way im ever letting him go. im in N.C. now. But the distance and unfinnished buissness is still painful. I hand to block the guy of my bloody dreams because we couldn't be nice to eachother, and its so damn hard to let myself fall back into love. I'm living but the constent thought of my lost son, and his father stay with me. the only things that keep me going, are jody, and my sister. im worried tho because jody's younder then i am and he's wreckless. were we are (crossnore academy)he could be here one minut and gone the next. i don't even have my mom anymore, and my dad and sister are so far from me. i hate it here but i keep myself happy thinking into the future, even though its not verry clear. i feel like this song fits for me because of phisical and mental scars, and the fact that i had to run away to get away from jar. who so casualy moved on with his life like i ment nothing. great, right? i know >.>

What I Think This Song Means? | Reviewer: Diane | 12/5/11

I Think It Means That A Girl He Likes Is Making The Wrong Choices And He Cant Help Her With It. "My Weakness Is That I Care To Much", He Is Caring About This Girl A Bit To Much. "Our Scars Remind Us That The Past Is Real", All The Stuff They Went Threw Left Them Scars That Will Always Remind Them That What Happened In The Past Is Real. "I Cant Help You Fix Yourself But At Lease I Can Say I Tried", He Tried His Hardest To Help Her But Couldn't. "Im Pissed You Came Around Why Don't You Just Come Home", He Is Tired Of Her Shit So He Is Done. "Im Sorry But I Gotta Move On With My Own Life", Again He Wants To Move On.Well Other Then That I Love This Song I Relate To It More Then Any Other Song In The Book, And I Think Papa Roach Is Amazing. :D

m dying 4 her ...... | Reviewer: Rahul | 9/25/11

m hurt </3 ....... we'r in a relation but she still loves her ex , :'{........i love her 4 real ....but shez juz passing her tym wid me ......
we talk a lot on phone but only when she gets bored , or his ex bf goes to sleep nd she has nothing to do
my hands r fullllllll of 144 deep scars .....m hurt :'{....
this tym m gonna cut myself deeper....... deeper.../

My scars | Reviewer: Lila | 8/15/11

I love this song..I think it's because I can relate to the emotion captured in the words. I'm going through a situation with a guy.....he's amazing, everything I ever wanted, but he's got so many issues that it clouds his judgement. I wanto help him, but in the end I can't solve his problems, and I'm also getting hurt in the process.....It's sad, I'm actually at a point where I just don't wanto see him....but he keeps on coming around....

What it means to me | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/10/11

Well, honestly.... To me, this song is about me and my best friend, or should I say.... Ex-best friend. She was going through some crazy shit with her family, and was hanging around with all the wrong people. I 'saw you going down, but you never realized, that you're drowning in the water'. I honestly tried to help, and I did, more than a few times. She was closer than a sister to me. We're not okay anymore...
I left my heart open, 'and my weakness is, that I care too much'. R, if you're seeing this, know that I'll always love you, and you'll always have a place in my heart. No matter what, I'll always be here for you when you need me. And I know you feel the same way. You're the most amazing person that I've ever met.
'I can't help you fix yourself
But at least I can say I tried.
I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own life'. S

------- | Reviewer: T.B.B | 3/9/11

My friend is internet dating this kid, cause he's a mess, and she doesn't want to let him down, but he's been hacking into her stuff and deleting all her guy mates... She's egtting a bit pissed off, but she doesn't want to make him more of a wreck, I've been trying to help her, and get her out of this mess, and I think this song means something to both of us, that I should move on, and that I care too much what happens to her, and that she can't change the past, and she needs to move on, focuss on what she wants, and that she cares to much about hurting this guy she doesn't know irl...
V, if you see this and know it's you, I can't help you fix these problems, and you can't help C fix his.

Yes | Reviewer: Jess fogarty | 2/19/11

Could any song be any more fitting?
A boy I knew tried to kill himself. I barely knew him but managed to call and persuade him not to. We ended up seeing each other for 9 months. He was a wreck, but I wanted to help. Asked me to marry him, showed me true love, but also hate. He cheated on me, and now I am back where he started.

I would save him again though

Fuck it! | Reviewer: emaleigh | 1/28/11

I've been in love with this boy now for many years we dated once but he dumped me because I was always working everytime he comes into my work. He sits in my section and won't talk to me. I needed to move on and when he text me saying that he dedicated this song to me I criead and haven't seen him since except at work and were total strangers now. This song can help move people and make them realize to quit holding onto something that only you want it's not worth the pain.

pain of you.... | Reviewer: chris | 12/31/10

I felt the pain when you said its over i fell to my knees wishing this pain was a dream but it became so much more when you shut that door its ben a cuople of days and i think i'm to blame now the pain feel like shame....

Undoubtedly one of Papa Roach's finest song.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

I fell in love with Papa Roach's older songs. They're somehow harsh, but sweet. They also talk more about reality in this world.
This one is one of the finest I've ever heard from Papa Roach. This song completely draws my life nowadays.
We can't run from the past, because the scars that caused from it will never subside. All we can do is survive with the past haunting our life at every moment.
We can't change the past, we can't rollback the present, but we can plan the future...

Now im part of this song | Reviewer: lexi | 10/9/10

I've always loved this song and me and my new boyfriend whr just tlking about it a while ago on the phone whn he asked me if i liked this song... but i think he wuz trying to tell me somethin cuz the lines "I can't help you fix yourself
But at least I can say I tried
I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own life
I can't help you fix yourself
But at least I can say I tried
I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own life"
cuz he knows im sad but i wont tell him whts wrong. idk y i cnt tell him, but i promised tht i would b ready to tell him in two days after today cuz we hav only been dating since two days ago. he told me he can relate to this song, and since this song is kinda saying tht the dude is taring his heart open to his GF but she aint makin it easy for him so im gonna try super hard to tell my BF stuff no matter how hard it is to say fr me. wish me luck...

fuck this world | Reviewer: jessica | 9/20/10

the truth is im madly in love with my ex but he dont even know that i exsist im not sure if i should just tell him how i feel and get over the regret of not telling him...... its hard because he walks around like he gets made when i come around so thats where "im pissed cause you came around why don't you just go home" comes from.....tyler if your reading this even though i doubt you will i love you i always have i know im the one who left you but i regret everything i promise you our love was entirely perfect