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------ performed by Papa Roach

this band kicks @$$ | Reviewer: Rachel | 5/16/05

this song is a kick @$$ song!!! any one with a jack @$$ boyfriend could totally relate to it and get the meaning to the song!!.....the song tells you one thing.......DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON A LOSER!!!!!!!

keep on rockin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/05

the first time i heard it i knew it rocked!! its a hardcore song and it rocks. everytime i hear it, it never lets me down so thats cool. if ya wanna no my ratin its 10/10 honestly nver heard much bout papa roach till this song now im a roacher fan even if people bum wat i like i keep likin it. IM PROUD TO BE A ROACHER

HeLl YeA! | Reviewer: Sarah Beth | 5/9/05

i love this song! it reminds me so much of me and my ex- boi friend! he is such an ass! 3 years gone downthe drain! but this song is the shit and i love popa roach!

No Title | Reviewer: Juliet | 5/3/05

A lot of people have been getting down on me for listening to Papa Roach, and especially for liking there latest hit Scars. Although I tend to agree with people on what they say, even if it isn't what I think, just to avoid fights I have to disagree with their opinions of Scars. It's an amazing song that really conveys a point about how many people deal with relationships. Well the I actually have to go, but I really love this song.

awesome!!!! | Reviewer: tiffani | 4/28/05

wow! i love this song, i am going to buy this cd just b/c of this song! that is how kewl it is!!!!!

The Best!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/05

i can't help but say that this song totally rule!!! i just keep listening to the song over and over again.... i just can't enough of it!!! i love it!!!!!

Scars | Reviewer: Jess | 4/19/05

The first time i heard this song i loved it. i can totally relate to it as it kinda sounds like my life. Papa Roach is an awsome band n i love ya guys keep it up!!!

this song is awesome !!! | Reviewer: Kiersten | 4/1/05

hey this song is so awesome i love it and call me wierd but ive been obsessed with it since the first time i herd it . its just one of those song ya kno ?? Ok well im supposto be babysitting ryte now so g2g !!!

Scars | Reviewer: Louise | 3/31/05

I heard it for the first time on the radio yesterday, and I had no idea who or what the song was, but I thought it was great. I memorixed the lyrics, went home, and typed the lyrics in Google to see what song it was, and I was happy to see that it was by Papa Roach. They're a good band, and Scars is a really good song.

Du Song | Reviewer: Josh | 1/15/05

OMG this song is awsome i mean yea i love getting away with murder but once i hurd this song that want down in the ranks Scars kicks all ass its so me

This song is awesome! | Reviewer: Sara | 10/1/04

The first time that i was listening to this CD, and i got to 'Scars', I loved it! It's just such an awesome song!! I listen to it over and over again! Awesome Job Papa Roach! You guys rock!!

This song is amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/04

I luv this song i have loved ever since i first heard it thanks to my friend my addicted to which isnt a bad thing this song kicks ass

This the song that will make top ten | Reviewer: Ron | 9/21/04

This is one of the greatest songs ever wrote by Papa Roach. I can honestly say that Scars is going to be one of the top ten songs in the nation. But its up to you to make that judgment.

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