scars and red dragon? | Reviewer: Jordan | 8/2/10

Has anyone here watched the movie Red Dragon? It's apart of the Silence of the Lambs series? Anyways at the end of the movie Lector writes a letter to the detective and says something along the lines of this 'you have quite a collection of scars. Just remember who gave you your best one. Be grateful, our scars remind us that the past is real.' Crazy, right?

My Scars! | Reviewer: Marie | 7/15/10

I'm unhappily married and I'm seeing my first love who happens to be addicted to drugs and has a girlfriend pregnant and lost his other two kids. I have loved this guy for 14 yrs now. This song is all about me, him and us! I don't want to lose him again especially to drugs.

complicated. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/10

So i've completely lost myself in this guy. I'm crazy for him. But he has completely lost himself in another girl. I think I fell for him just because I've tried to help him out so many times, and I felt bad for him because the other girl he wants always does shitty things and puts him down deeper and deeper. But everytime she messes up, he just goes right back to her. I wish he could just see whats in front of him. I'm always there for him and this song kind of just tells me that I have to move on, or else I'm just going to get hurt more and more. This is a moving song.

awesomeness | Reviewer: leslie morrison | 7/5/10

I love papa roach. Jacoby is a very down to earth guy and very nice. I'm a waitress at lamberts cafe in foley alabama and on july 5th he and his family came in to eat. They sat at one of my tables and were AWESOME! People kept approaching them for pictures and autographs, and. Not once did he turn anyone down or seem agitated. He genuinely cares for his fans. Thanks Jacoby for appreciating us!!

drama and stupidity | Reviewer: his one true love...... | 6/22/10 i thought that this song was by creed....idk in a situation that this song kinda reflects but its confusing. me and my best friend recently got together but it was more like just slapping the title on what we already me he really is "the one". it feels so real with him and so great.....but my life is just so shity and i havent even let him really know that. i know that i have problems that i need to fix i know that there are things that he cant help me with that i have to do dealing with the nightmares that i have...they are so real and so frightening that they feel like they are reality sometimes and i have to call him just to make sure i didnt really hurt him or kill my birthmom..i cant tell him about them because i dont really know y its like i want to keep this torment to myself so that he doesnt get hurt or see me in that state...'i cant help you fix yourself' that line speaks to me and it feels like im saying it to myself...i cant help myself but i cant bring myself to tell him tht im being tormented...

Wow. I can relate to this. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/10

Dude. Anon's comment from 11/22/09. same situation as me, and this song reminds me of it all. i thought it was love, so did she, it was so great and then she changed over summer, wasn't loving me like she used to, then she hooked up with 3 other guys in a week. After she told me this shit, i made the hard decision. and broke up with her. there have been 3 guys since then, but she came back to me a couple of months later and said she wanted me back, would have done anything to get me back. It was hard for me, but i stuck to what i believed and didn't let her back. she's fucked up and keeps doing this shit with guys, making "stupid mistakes". i'm not getting myself into it again. it used to be so good, it would suck a second time round after she changed. i feel like i've got the upper hand now.

my favourite lines to this song are "I can't help you fix yourself, but at least I can say I tried, I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own life."
and now she's the one "drowning in the water" and i "offered her my hand" to try and cheer her up and give her some advice, but she wouldn't take it. it's very rare that i feel i can relate to a song this much.

Good luck to all you guys/girls out there, and if the shit happens and your beautiful romance gets fucked over, come back and listen to this song to help get you through it.

Reply to...Its true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/10

This song is amazing...and uhm @Its true...the problem is not you its your girl...if you keep on forgiving her its just gonna make it easier for her to do it again because if she really respected you she would do it...remeber that

It's REAL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/10

This song is amazing, never thought it would be like this in life, But after I've went through all those things n did all i can to help.
Dint have much to say but this song/lyrics says it all every single word in it.

rock steady | Reviewer: scar lova | 12/17/09

i think that scars represents that if we love someone enough we will try and try to get them back even if there not the same personn anymore untill we finally realise even if we save them do we really lov them

mommm | Reviewer: noa | 12/2/09

when i listen to this song i just about my mother,i left home like 2 or 3 years ago, i left her actually and i havnt spoke to her for allmost two years and its really weird listen to this song couse its say exactly what i wanna say to her...:S

~Her | Reviewer: Anon. | 11/22/09

we did so much toghter, i thought it was love. she changed over the summer, being hypocritical by hooking up with guys, by trying to look for popularity. she lost her friends in the process, after everything shes done to me, shes hurt me so bad, i was the idiot to help her one last time, while everyone told me not to, to give it up. theres a point at which we all give up. she wont listen to reason, she loves me still, i still love her, shes insecure about her feelings, she doesnt know how to channel her emotions outward and she blames herself senselessy and she acts bipolar. she loves me yet she doesnt listen to reason. some kid told her lies that i was talking shit about her, she couldnt even once talk to me about it, she believe that kid more than me. why should i even put any more effort.

im the troubled girl | Reviewer: JC | 11/15/09

i love this song but it hurts to here it.I had this guy friend he was the best always there never left my side in touble.I was selfish an young and stupid I took advantage of his kindness is everyway I made him tell lies for me I made him do horrible things all because I knew he loved me and he would do anything I asked at the drop of a dime.I really didnt know what I had till I heard this song I was an alcoholic and a pathalogical liar im getting help now but I just wish Id stopped an thought about it before cause my friend died. Rest in peace sweet angel ill always love you i hope someones treating you better then i ever could

loves him~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/09

I relate with this. My bf is the best guy in the world with so much drive, ambition, and potential--when he's not on coke or drinking. He loves me completely, though the pull of the drug and booze is stronger.. in my eyes he can do no wrong, I love him deeply... but I have been trying to help for a long time.. . but :( .. but... I'm getting exhausted....

this is real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/09

i do coke, and i drink too much. i'd deffinately say i'm an addict. my boyfriend is getting hella depressed because he always try to help me with my problems but he can't. i need to fix myself. this song explains our relationship, every single word.

My Life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/09

I know that my own life isn't quite as dramatic as the poor bloke in this song but it kind of relates to a problem that I am going through.It is so scary, the similarities!I really like this guy but he is,like, my best mate.One of our other mates fancies him and he knows it.He has confided in me that he doesn't like her so I can't tell him how I really feel but instead I try and send out signals.Only problem is all my problems seem to revolve around him and I still love him like mad (as a mate and more...).I offer my hand out to him in all of his problems, and believe me-there are a lot of tem!He just doesn't seem to understand what I'm trying to say as he is too caught up in his own problems to notice.I don't know what to do because he is a great mate, but is he worth all the hassle?
This song has really helped but I'm still not sure :(