Awesome | Reviewer: Jude-san156 | 5/29/07

Awesome song do you think they can make like available mp3 files?

Scars | Reviewer: Brian | 5/28/07

I love this song because i can really relate to it. But i do regret listening to it one day when i was really pissed off....i put a hole in the wall.......

scars | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/07

this song is love,i can really relate to this song and reminds me of the bad things that happend around me but it makes me feel better cuz i know its all over .

Scars | Reviewer: Brian | 5/17/07

I really regret listening to this song one day when i was really pissed off...i ended up putting a dent in the wall with my fist. Love the song though, i can relate to it.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

such a beautiful song ... i like the acoustic version too! =)


truth | Reviewer: Lexie | 5/9/07

this song says some reeally deep things about this shitty life we all life. we tear ourselves open just to feel.....

Excellent (Five Stars) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/07

This is an awesome track. There's actually some emotion and meaning to this one. I hate to say it but in today's music industry, there's too much focus on bling bling $$$. It's always nice to hear some music with meaning behind it.

awsome song!! | Reviewer: nella | 4/9/07

i LOVE this song. it means alot to me, and i can really relate to it. my life has always been kinnda messed up, but i learned to cope with it and make things better, this song has helped me get through alot of hard times in my life. love you papa roach <3 =) xoxo

... | Reviewer: Keio Settsue | 3/7/07

wow i love this song...the lyrics are perfect by the way...the only fault to this song is every time i hear it it reminds me of my last g/f but hey its still awesome.

Hits home | Reviewer: Pete | 2/23/07

Every time I hear this song it drives home.

Just last week I was in a long 16 year relationship that turned bad and thought I had met the perfect woman only to find out that she has a horrible drug problem. It is in my nature to try and help her and her daughter. I feel deeply for her, but drugs and violent relationships have closed her eyes to the world.

yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh | Reviewer: g dog | 2/18/07

papa roach is the best rockstar check out his other songs like be loved, and last resort

This song is.. | Reviewer: Ryan | 1/27/07

Really all I can say is this song really I mean REALLY puts a meaning too it. It's a great song to listen too its kinda sad but really this song tells us something. I'm a male IRL so, just to say, all girls, if your boyfriend is acting with drugs or anything or cheating on you, just to say, break up with that a$$hole really.

i'm sorry but i gotta move on with my own life!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/06

this song is our song elsa, you never realized how much i did luv you girl this so much for you i miss you... i left my heart open but you didn't understand... bye everyone who read this think aboutit luv with YOUR HEART ALWAYS GIVE IT ALL........elsa where you are.. how can i live without you?

papa roach scars | Reviewer: Helen | 10/31/05

i love this song.
i think all papa roaches songs are ace
i played it to my friend and now it reminds me of him reli bad.

my weakness is that i care too much. | Reviewer: zak | 10/6/05

i first heard it over the radio one morning in school, and i fell in love at once! it really is a nice song. (: plus, it got me a connection to the person i'd been wanting to get to know in months! heh.