KiCkS aSs | Reviewer: Erin C | 10/7/05

this song kicks ass it like so awesome i sing it all the time and it like my most fav papa roach song eva on my i-pod i listen to it everyday!!! xoxo i luv coby

EL SWEETO!!! | Reviewer: J | 8/11/05

this song is sooooooooo great! ive sung it so many times all the time that iv e got it stuck in countless peoples heads. this song is #1!!!Humungo scorre!!!!!!rock on papa roach!!!

KICK ASS!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Nathan | 8/5/05

OMG....when i first listened to this song, i absolutely fell in love with it. I have had this song on a repeat cycle for at least the past six months.....seriously.....i can't stop listening to it. if u haven't already, download this song....a must have for any music fan, period. i have to admit, i'm a guy who is mainly into hip hop/r&b....but i love this song, so that's a big statement for "scars". 5 STARS!! A+!! 10 OUT OF 10!! 2 THUMBS UP!!

I love this song | Reviewer: Kc | 7/21/05

this song rox it kix total ASS!!!! it rox out loud if i could listen to it everyday i would for real!!!!

KICK ASS SONG!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Brittany | 7/19/05

this is the best song eva!!!!!!!!! when i 1st heard this song me and my friend stefani was like OMG this is like the best song. everytime i hear this song i thing about all the good times and bad times. we proclaimed this song "our song!!!!!!!!!"

Hottness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/05

This song is so awesome...It reminds me of my girlfriend...I keep trying to tell her im sorry,but she doesnt wanna listen...I guess she moved on...Without me...Tell me what a girl is supposed to do without her girl in her life no more...!!!

this is awesome! | Reviewer: Alex | 7/12/05

i mean this song is awesom ehteres nothing else really to say just that its awesome, but it related to me, i just got a new bf and hes great though, so im happy and u gurls that do have loser bfs that treat u like crap MOVE ON WITH UR OWN LIFE!!!

Kick ass song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/05

This song actually makes you stop and think, that's me. i love this song and every time i hear it, i crank it up because this song has meaning unlike some of those gay ass songs that only talk about drugs, getting mugged, or raped or sex. this song totally kicks ass. i'm glad he wrote this song.!

AWSOMNESS! | Reviewer: Ginger | 6/26/05

this song totally rules i mean its better than any crap pop songs and it has a meaning i havnt really come across anything that personally relates to me but i imagine the day will come and now this song exists im prepared lol!

omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 | Reviewer: sam | 6/24/05

omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is the most amazing song in the whole entire universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a piece of art and a work of genius!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THIS GROUP | Reviewer: nikita | 6/20/05

I heard the song Scars a long time ago and love it my friends thought it was gay but I said wait this song is going to be big and I was right I got the cd a while ago and I just played it over and over again and now my friends are saying wow this song is good and I said but a while ago u said it was gay and look at it now so congrats Papa Roach for doing such an awsome job once again u kick ass

life-long scars | Reviewer: emily | 6/13/05

Scars, really hit home to me! LITERALLY! it is like a story of my family, and my roots. before a couple years ago i thought my life was perfect, then i blinked and when i opened my eyes it was like i woke up in a different world. my parents were seperatin and my dad went to iraq, for the war, and my whole life was upside down. i could never really put into words how i felt and this song says it all! my brother and i never really got along but because of this horrible wound i got to know him alot better and truly appreciate him. i have never been the one to say how i feel to everyone, so at the time of the separation i bottled it all up and eventually i busted!! i started cutting and i felt it was the only solution and the only way to channel my pain!! i have scars and i probably will always have them. but i had to feel, and im still workin on sewin myself shut, and with my brothers help, im doin that!! THE PAST IS REAL SO FACE IT, IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO ESCAPE IT!!!

GREAT SONG!!! | Reviewer: stephanie | 6/13/05

This song really relates to some of the things that I have been through in the past year.

scars | Reviewer: samantha | 6/8/05

scars is a kick a$$ x boyfriend was a total a$$......this song really relates to my life right now i think i've now found the guy i want to be with but the way my x treated me i dont need his shit and this song showed me that i dont need a bf that is going to treat u like gurls out there that are reading this plz if your boyfriend dont treat you right and is a loser break up with his a$$ i know its hard to do but just listen to the song.........

very helpful | Reviewer: Jill | 6/3/05

i love this song.. it's helped me a lot. it puts into words (or music) how i'd been feeling, and i really really like it.