Amazingg | Reviewer: Jordan | 7/22/09

All I gotta say is that I FUCKING LOVE PAPA ROACH!!!!

Also, I agree with Brenda with the whole it's funny that the reporter called him Coby. I thought that was funny too.

And I love uhmm, the first paragraph where Jacoby's talking bout the emotions... xD he wants us to fuck lolz but naw i fuckin love this band they are amazing!!!!

-Evil KiTTY 0.0

Things You Should Know.. | Reviewer: Connie | 8/22/08

You Should Really Update This,,
Jacoby Shaddix Doesnt Refer To Himself As Coby Dick Anymore. That Was Before 'Getting Away With Murder', Not Sure About 'lovehatetragedy' though ¬.¬
Also, Dave Buckner[The Drummer] Has Left Papa Roach. "Tony Palermo" Has Now Taken His Place..
Just Thought Youd Want To Know..
Papa Roach For Life ^.^ confused.... lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/08

So Jacoby Shaddix and Coby Dick are the same people? LOL. I though they were but my friend that "loves" papa roach said that Coby Dick was in the band then he left and Jacoby Shaddix took his not all that worry about what kids are in what bands tell u the truth i dont care what kids are in what bands, i just listen to their music and thats all. anywase
papa roach is awesome no matter who is in their band. lol.

I know what u guys are thinking "this kid dont shit about bands and probley listens to rock just to get people to like her" well that anit true, i just dont care what the peoples name are in the bands.

BTW Scarred rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! so dose Papa Roach lol.

OMFG! | Reviewer: Mindy | 9/25/07

WOW! i saw them at peoria and there were so awsome and Coby was a few seats away from me and their music rocks.

Love Papa Roach and Jacoby! | Reviewer: Brenda | 8/13/07

I love them and Jacoby. Coby Dick is his NICK NAME, people. *smacks forhead* But it is kinda funny that an autobiography would introduce him as that.

Papa Roach <3 | Reviewer: Mel | 8/8/07

They need to edit it Coby Dick is now Jacoby Shaddix. Defiently buy The Paramour Sessions it kicks ass!

YOU ROCK DUDES!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

You guys are the best i LOVE your song FOREVER, SCARS, and LAST RESOERT. Your song have a lot feelings put to them I CAN REALLY relate mjyself to your songs! Keep Rockin ! ooh and PLEASE come to BAKERSFIELD CA. LUV YO ALL

hell yea | Reviewer: julian iniuez | 6/16/07

the best songs they have r to be loved, forever,
getting away with murder, and time and time again

DUMBASS PPL | Reviewer: Chiko | 6/4/07

Does anyone notice "Coby Dick" and Jacoby Shaddix kinda similar huh DUH!!! same guy he looks like the same guy right..Know the facts b4 you go makeing yourself look stupid please cuz looking stupid sucks so be careful


im doin a essay on papa roach!!! U rOcK!!! | Reviewer: sam | 5/29/07

im doen an essay and i have a question:
WHICH OTHER BANDS PLAY SIMILAR STYLES AND WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT PAPA ROACH? plz ansa me... i am stuck!!!! o n RoCk On PaPa RoAcH!!!! luv ya!!! xxxx