i love that show | Reviewer: mandi | 5/30/07

i love the show scarred that show i eat too. it is awsome.. how do ppl get their tapes on the show?

wrong!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: babs | 5/24/07

It's not Cody Dicks Its Jacoby Shaddix.If your going to wirte about there biography do it right.The least you could do was research them.I love the band thats why Im making a big deal about it.

sooooooooo cool | Reviewer: nick jeffries | 5/22/07

I am soooooooo lucky because i am related to Jerry (the guitar player) he is my 3rd cousin.

I love papa roach | Reviewer: Nicole | 5/8/07

I love papa roach getting away with murder!
They fuckin rock! i love you coby!

$t3P#@n!3 | Reviewer: Stephanie | 5/2/07

i Love Papa Roach.... Jacoby Shaddix is like so HOTT!!! My favorite song is "To be loved..." and "Forever"

OMG im a prep | Reviewer: Nicole | 4/24/07

I love this band my boyfriend Joey fav song as well as mine is scars

jones | Reviewer: c.hyatt | 3/31/07

the lead singer changed his name from Coby Dick to Jacoby Shaddix a couple years back.

great band but one correction | Reviewer: jones | 2/23/07

i love this band to death but theres just one problem with this Bio. the current lead singer of Papa Roach is Jacoby Shaddix.