My opinon on OFFYY | Reviewer: zeroxx | 12/19/12

IMO I think Old Friends From Young Years is the best release Papa Roach has ever put out, the lyrics are raw, uncut, and uncensored (something I'm absolutely crazy about). It also shows how much of a pissed off rebel Jacoby Shaddix was back when he was a teen. The crappy garage-quality of the album doesn't annoy me, it just seems to add to the epicness and authenticity of the album. All in all the album is awsome and whenever I listen to it, It makes me want to jump around and start screaming about trying not to pee on myself. :)

Cool Shit | Reviewer: Sugar Junkie | 8/12/04

Some of papa roach's old stuff but fuck its so fucking amazing coby dick has a real talent this rap funk metal is so cool!