Relax , people | Reviewer: Bobby | 7/10/13

In my opinion , Papa Roach`s songs transcend any particular dogma or belief system . If anything , they`re radical individualists . This can clearly be seen in their rejection of consumerism as shown by " Between Angels and Insects " as well as their condemnation of Hollywood " glamor queens " in " Hollywood Whore " . Their songs` casual treatment of taboo subjects such as murder , suicide , sexuality etc. also attests to that .

Papa Roach ROCKS | Reviewer: DeclaredInsane | 11/14/11

This is a brilliant inspiring song. I'm sure it's not what the blinded religious guy claimed it to be. The other guy is so right, Our religious Prophets are people who didn't listen to what others said but carved their own path by what they believed. They fulfilled their dharma and that brought them closer to God. In fact this is a really spiritual & religious song, not listening to the negative comments from other people, not listening to religious authorities, not listening to governments, not listening to leaders, but listening to your true authentic self, the higher self, and touching that part of you that is connected to God without any interconnects from prophets, semi gods, cults that can pervert and pollute that connection. A true believer is someone who brings change by taking practical action in what they believe, because their know without any doubt that God gave them all they need to achieve what they need to achieve.

how I see it... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/09

I know I'm late, but whatever... It doesn't matter because I am a CHristian and I love Papa Roach. I actually want to marry Jacoby so yeah. I'm an African American teenage girl and I have struggled with my religion. And my belief. And this song is def. For the evil people in the world. I don't have a problem with people who are atheist or unsure became you can't help everbody. You can try. But most cases you won't succeed. So sometime you have to take songs for what they are worth because pap roach tell you flat out. You don't have to go dggong and trying to pick the lyrics apart to know what it means its usually obvious. And if you don't understand papa roach probably isnt the group for you. And stop downing what they are talking about because you are the type of person they are talking about sometimes :)

To that "anonymous" elitist telling all the "children" here to "wake up to reality"… | Reviewer: Pierre | 9/1/08

To that "anonymous" elitist telling all the "children" here to "wake up to reality" ten months ago:

I don't suppose you actually think that all the nay-sayers of the world who are so quick to count people out, such as those who counted out Michael Phelps when he was a kid, or who counted out Dwyane Wade or didn't even count him in before he did any of the great things he did, or if you want to use the Bible as an example, the ones who counted out and doubted King David or even Jesus himself, I don't suppose you actually think that all those nay-sayers and put-downers actually count as "who created you or the universe". Because that's who the song is really disrespecting, disregarding, defying. Not God or any other credited "creators", but people who keep on putting others down and counting others out before they do anything great, and end up really surprised when they do something great. So if you really think about it, the song is actually a good thing.

Now, if you wanna keep being a moron, keep embarrassing Christianity, and keep giving doubters and critics credit for creation, be my guest. Come back here and continue to humiliate yourself. Though honestly, I highly doubt you will.

Now, there are Christians like me, who can actually be logical about our faith, and there are Christians like you, who make it look like just another senseless world's-end cult. Personally, to me, this song is awesome because it represents something real. But if you wanna just squarebash everywhere and risk losing more present or future Christians, be my guest.

*thinking: Even in lyrics places, these pricks litter the place… it's pathetic.*

holly shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/08

fuck, this song really inspired me, I was with a big problem comming from two big friends today, I think they aren't my friends anymore, I was so mad at this but papa roach helped me with this song xD one of my favorites, thanks papa roach! one of the best bands out there!

I won't get in line or be a middle man
so fuck you I'll make my own plan

I specialy like this part and the chorus

AWESOME INSIPRING SONG | Reviewer: me | 3/19/08

For the person who seems to think this song is talking about God, I completely disagree. I don't know how you interpreted that from this song. It's talking about all the people who have put you down and convinced you that you're a worthless piece of crap. It's saying to ignore them and not listne anymore because they're wrong.

"wake up to reality children..." - Anonymous | Reviewer: Alex | 2/27/08

Whoever you are, you're an idiot. This song is exactly about waking up to reality. You, a little child christian who goes to church every sunday and prays so that everything will be alright is the one who should face reality. The world is filled with corrupt people who want to use you and don't care about you. This song is exactly about that, people like you, who are too pathetic to face reality, to wake up and face the truth and stand up for yourself. I love this song. Only thing I dislike is the fact they yell near the end and they say "FUCK YOU" too many times in their songs, but apart from that. Papa roach is the shiznit! Oh, I'm in big trouble, I'm a believer of satan. Yeah, you tell yourself those crazy, fanatic lies. But deep down, you know this is wrong. I have hope, in myself, so I don't need a god nor satan. I know what's wrong and what's not, and do what's best for everyone around me. I try to help people, not caring only about myself or wasting my time praying to a nonexistant imaginary being because I'm too scared or feel too lonely like you, anonymous user. Most of these great and popular songs usually talk about real-life issues, you fail to see it or understand it, so you wake up.

wake up to reality children... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

this is disgusting, proud, arrogant, and headed for destruction. No wisdom, no guidance,no consideration for who created you or the universe. It's not up to you. You weren't there when the world was formed, but you will be when your time is up. Then we'll see what position you'll be in. You're in big trouble.

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Joey | 10/25/07

GO PAPA ROACH!!!!!!!!!!I'm not listenin to anybody who doesn;t like this song
Cause you gotta be bigger, be faster,and be stronger if your gonna survive any longer
"That line is a fact,people have to be the best, just have fun"!!!!!!! Go PAPA ROACH!!!!

love it!!♥ | Reviewer: M@tina | 10/21/07

This song is soooooo awesom!!!I can't stop listening this song!!!The lyrics are ful of passion!!!I love it!! It'a great!!♥

simply GREAT ! | Reviewer: Kostas Geros | 5/1/07

The "Getting Away With Murder" is even better with this awesome song...!So dudes stop listening start ignoring...!

awes0me! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/07

It sounds so AWESOME

umm...... awesome | Reviewer: Erin Cantwell | 10/7/05

this song is betta then any song eva i have heard im it so good it is awesome!!! i luv it so much. luv from ez