trolol... | Reviewer: ansson | 4/11/12

Oh please, does it really_ matter what this song is about as long as it is good? You don't have to listen to it if you don't like it. Thats it. And who even cares if its about God and Satan of not? If you like the song, then why are you complaining? And if you don't like it, then don't.
And just saying, but I don't see there anything that would allure to Satan. Just that there is said that he's praying and looking up etc doesn't mean anything. But thats just my opinion..

Love Jacoby 4ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/11

-__-" wtf! saten now??
This song is epic!! & it has nothing 2 do with saten crap! look just dont listen if ya dont like SIMPLE AS THAT! the man was just having a hard time so he wrote it .. NOW GO FUCK URSELVES!

use two bibles as ear plugs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/11

the song has nothing to do with satan if you dont like the the song cause you dont agree with it its simple take the two hands god gave you and cover your ears and lisen to justin beber and by the the way beber my balls

</3 | Reviewer: AJ | 12/23/10

yah, I believe all songs written are open for interpretation. I took this as dealing with love/life
It matched exactly how heartbroken I felt, more of a cry out to god why he's letting this happen to me making my heart turn more and more cold and into stone (becoming hate instead of love)

freak | Reviewer: Vico | 11/30/10

If Papa Roach woulden't have made this fucked up song they would have been my favourite band.
Jacoby or whoever wrote this is sick of praying and not getting back a sign or somethin' so he decides to give up faith in God. His heart is drenched in blood and filled with hate and his soul will fight against God (like a rebel who fights against the government). And yes, if you turn down God then you're entering in Satan's domain.
"I'm sick of you,
Coby I am done with you!"

Satan?? really?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/10

Song has nothing to do with Satan or any evil. It's about a struggle in life and trying to pray to God for help and he doesn't answer. So he gives up believing to "rise again" and move on in to try to be a better person with or without God's help

Really... | Reviewer: -_- | 10/31/10

As Nellis said, the song has nothing to do with turning to satan. Jacoby has been through a lot of Hardships in his life and he, like most men, probably turned to god during those times but felt as though he wasn't listening. He had to save him path of self destruction and he was going to do it with or With out gods help. This song is about fighting to survive when you've lost all hope and rising from the ashes of your old self/life and becoming a better person.

sad... | Reviewer: Twiztid_D | 7/1/10

it's kinda sad saying he's turning to Satan.
it's as simple as this, he gives up on God, he could just not care for God and Satan.
you act like you knew how he felt when he wrote the song, shut the fuck up and just stop sayin that shit.

but anyways, fucking amazing song. Papa Roach is amazing. :D

Papa Roach | Reviewer: Berserker | 5/8/10

Its simple
Turning your back to God, its turning into Satan, I know it sounds so close minded, but its true, All who deny God are Anti Christ...Anti Christ...equal Satan...
I get the song, 100% but actually you can dedicate this and a lot of other papa roach songs to other people, this kind of bands, take the feeling of today's youth and putting in a rock style, and make money from it, there intentions are not to help, just make money, yeah I know, sometimes they can be so great, but get real, if you are feeling like the songs like last resort, or been in a situation like broken home, or any other song, I suggest you get help, real help, cause a song will not help you get better, only to get worst
And don't get me wrong
I have been a fan of Papa roach since they first started, but I get the picture, I know what is real, whats not, when to get help and when a song its just a song and when its not

WTF...? | Reviewer: Nellis | 1/14/10

I have no idea where some of you people see any relationship with Satan...? for one, turning your back on God does not mean you have to turn to Satan. I think, like some has already said, it is about giving up hope, someone tired of his situation and he's yelling/screaming at God for help, but feels like he is not heard, thus loosing his faith.

In the first verse he is saying about that he is sick of pretending, he is giving signs that it is going bad with him, looking for help...

And the spotlight! I don't know who wrote this song, but if it was their lead singer, or other band member, maybe thats saying something about being in the spotlight, like bands are, or if it was another songwriter, maybe saying always being seen by people, but not being heard. no Satan!!!

damn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

i really wouldn't agree with those who think it's about turning from god to Satan . lirycs says about men who gives up mortarity of christianism or ask for taking away his misery, but he's ignored what makes him disappointed and then he gives up hope;]

burning under the spotlight | Reviewer: dom | 7/25/09

i agreewith the first comments that he has finished with god and turned to satan because god will not listen to him. i think this because the lyrics say 'I'm burning under the spotlight'. If spotlight is the end of the tunnel at death, he does not agree with it in some way 'burning', and therefore does not agree with god

Group | Reviewer: Masterchief | 3/10/09

I see it more as the person in the song as a group. The group of people doesnt believe in the Christian god anymore because he dissapointed them and only gave them misery. Their soul wil rise to fight again with life, on their own, without a god to believe in

Keep pushing | Reviewer: Nosferatu | 3/31/08

Man's battle with life and faith. No matter what's out there, you have to rise and overcome. Never give up, never back down. No matter who/what is against you, you have to fight another round. Throwing in the proverbial towel is not an option, although it may feel like the only option at times.

Always keep your head up and fight another round, no matter how badly you've been beaten dowm.

Wrestling Angels | Reviewer: | 3/24/08

Personally, I think the lyrics are more of a commentary on the fact that man wrestles with God; and this is his expression of that. Although feeling defeated at the moment, the lyrics are a dark promise that he will fight again- and perhaps next time- he won't lose.