"Rise Again" | Reviewer: Kidc | 8/29/07

I agree with the previous review only I think that he has totaly given up his hope and hates God for some reason "I'm sick of you God" and I think he has found someone else who can help him "my soul will rise again" ..maybe Satan "my soul will fight again".

Sick of you | Reviewer: kb | 6/4/07

it seems to me, after a careful review of these lyrics, that the lyricist is expressing his desolation and feelings of alone-ness life, yet his hope is expressed in the chorus. Perhaps, even though he says that he's sick of God's ignoring him,"You don't notice me

I'm screaming while I pray
While I pray
While I pray
You don't notice me
I'm sick of you, God
I'm done with you",
he is merely expressing his feelings and not truly giving up his hopes as hinted in "my soul will rise again...."